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“Mama, There’s a Rhino on My Desk!”
(It’s there for a very good reason)

"A Comprehensive Marketing Guide for Achieving Success in Network Marketing”

Presented By:
Todd Falcone
Success Systems

Your TEAM LEADERS Welcome You!!

There is a Rhino on my desk for good reason.  These animals are thick-skinned (several inches thick), and can handle deep puncture wounds, often walking away unscathed from a battle.  When need be, the Rhino takes charge and stands his/her ground.  It is a very nice animal, yet when challenged, well, let’s just say…get out of the way!  The Rhino is my reminder of the importance of being thick-skinned (being able to handle rejection and challenges), the importance of being nice (developing rapport and strong relationships), and the importance of standing my ground (sticking to my commitments regardless of what anyone else may say).

It is my goal to make you a marketing Rhino!

I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you as a Success Systems Training Associate. This guide was created to provide like-minded entrepreneurs with specific, proven marketing tactics for achieving solid results.

You have taken a momentous step on your journey towards Personal Empowerment and Financial Freedom.  It can be the most fun-filled, exciting and fulfilling trip of your life!  It can also be challenging and frustrating.  My personal goal is to help rid you of the challenges and guide you to the successes you deserve.

A Recipe for Success for those of you who choose to make all your Dreams and Desires a Reality begins with:
? A Burning Desire to Achieve Success with your Strong Commitment and Work Ethic.
? A Belief and Conviction in your Products and/or Services
? A Commitment to both Personal and Business Growth.
? Being Coachable and Teachable, utilizing all the tools, ideas and concepts available to you.

This is your business, but you are not alone.  YOU are responsible for your success, but we're here to support you.  To reach your full potential, you must be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Use this Guide as your business building Scroll.  The information contained has been field-tested and proven to work.

Success to You,

Todd Falcone


I.    Preparation for Battle
  The Game Plan
 The Planner,
The Office
Physical & Mental Fitness

II.   The Art of Prospecting

III. Our Lead Generation “Secret Weapon”

IV. Systems Preparation and Development
  The Importance of a Marketing System
  Marketing and Unique Selling Proposition Defined
  Direct Marketing via Direct Mail
  Direct Marketing via e-mail
  How to Use Teaser (Tickler) Messages
  ProVoice and ProCom
  ProSend and other e-mail Merge Programs
  Hot Headlines and Stimulating Phrases

V. The Telephone

VI. The Invitation

VII. Implementation
A Few Days in the Life…

VIII. Recommended Reading

IX. About the Author

Preparing for Battle

The Game Plan: This is where you start.  Get to know your sponsor and Team Leaders.  This will give you a chance to create a Business Plan and set goals.  Your business plan will include a Mission Statement of your creation, what you desire to accomplish, your objectives and dreams, as well as a plan of action to achieve them.  You will determine how many hours a week you can put into the business, what lead sources you will use, and what method of recruiting you will employ.

Goals must be BIG.  If the why is big enough, the how takes care of itself.
Goals must be in writing.  A goal not written is only a wish.
Goals must be specific and measurable.  This way you can stay on track and if you fall behind you know that some adjustments are in order.

The Planner: Get yourself a Day-Planner, preferably from Franklin-Covey.  You can reach them directly at 800-407-1492.  Schedule all appointments and most importantly, your personal workweek! Now that you're in business for yourself, it's important that you show up every day!

The Office: Find a place in your home that is distraction-free and let your kids and spouse know that this is where you work and that you are not to be disturbed during your scheduled working hours.

Physical and Mental Fitness: Be sure to take care of physical self by eating right and staying physically active.  Take care of your mental self by reading and listening to motivating and inspirational books and tapes.  Realize that you must grow personally before you will ever grow financially.  In order to earn more, you must first become more.  Listen to tapes from Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy and the like.

The Art of Prospecting

Network Marketing is nothing more than a professional sorting game.  If you understand this principle and can learn to effectively sort through prospects, you can master the art of prospecting.  You must be willing to play the “numbers game” and be willing to stick to a long-term game plan of consistent activity to achieve your dreams in this business.

This is your business.  You are a professional talent scout seeking LEADERS.  You must learn how to pick leaders.  Leaders have very specific character traits.

Your ideal LEADER has high self-esteem, is Goal Driven, Entrepreneurial and Aggressive, is both Business-Minded and Open-Minded, and is Decisive and Mentally Tough.

Your only job is to sort through prospects, until you find people that meet your criteria of you are looking for in your business.

In network marketing, the more failures we have, the greater successes we have.  Fortunately, in the end we are only judged by our successes!

You will learn several principles for effective marketing through the telephone, direct mail, and the Internet.


Our Lead Generation “Secret Weapon”

ProSTEP, the Network Marketing industry's premier resource for providing Pre-Qualified Leads, Support and Training is our "Secret Weapon" for Cold-Market recruiting.

ProSTEP provides you with several key elements to help you achieve long-term Network Marketing Success.  First and foremost, they are a lead company, supplying you with anywhere from 150 to 1050 pre-qualified prospects to you on a monthly basis.  You will receive names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses (on approximately 60-75% of your leads) each month.  You will also have access to cutting-edge training to assist you in developing the skills of an MLM Pro.  Topics include “How to Master the Telephone”, “How to Promote your Business on the Internet” and “How to Write Strong Headlines and Ad Copy”.  You’ll have access to live weekly training calls, audio-tape trainings, and monthly newsletters, all designed to help you become more equipped in the battlefield.  ProSTEP also provides a FREE Auto-Mail program for your Direct Mail campaigns, ProSend (an e-mail broadcasting system), ProVoice and ProCom (customizable Voice and Fax-on-Demand Systems), FREE Conference Calling, Web-Site Hosting and Development, and an in-house Design service for recruiting postcards.

ProSTEP is a total support company for professional Network Marketers, providing highly needed services under one corporate umbrella.

To become a ProSTEP member and subscribe to their services, do the following:
? Call 850-654-7727 Ext. 4687.  Listen to the Voice Presentation and pull-down the Fax-on-Demand Information Package.
? On the web, visit:
? Call Todd Falcone directly at 831-646-1983 to get your questions answered and to get started.

I will teach you how to attack the Cold-Market in a methodical, confident fashion.  You will see greater results and sponsoring activity than ever before if you follow this system precisely.

Now that you are a member of ProSTEP and you are receiving 150 to 1050 leads each month, it's time to learn how to work them properly.

Let’s dig in…

Systems Preparation and Development

Congratulations!  You have taken the first Quantum Leap toward creating and implementing the most successful marketing strategies available today for growing your primary Network Marketing business.

In this section, we will help you:
? Understand the Importance of using Marketing Systems
? Understand Marketing and Unique Selling Propositions
? Effectively Direct Market through Direct Mail and the Internet
? Set up and Create Teaser (tickler) Voice Mail messages
? Set up your ProVoice and/or ProCom Account
? Set up your ProSend Account (or understand how to use your current e-mail broadcasting software to work)
? Use Hot Headlines and Stimulating Phrases

The Importance of a Marketing System

Before we get started, it's important to understand the importance of having a simple, duplicable system in place for your Network Marketing business.  You must have a game plan in order to find victory in the battlefields of your business.  Your marketing "System" must be simple and easy to follow, so you, and your new people can easily plug-in and obtain results.  You must have a systematic approach toward marketing your business.  With the proper system in place, you will leverage your time, conduct more presentations, generate highly qualified candidates, and generate higher sponsoring activity.  The end result will be lower stress, less headaches, and a bigger commission check!  Without a plan of attack, you're naked, without armor and weaponry, with nowhere to run.  My goal is to help you win the battle, be victorious and successful, and create the lifestyle you desire through your Network Marketing business.

A marketing system has many components, all of which will be discussed in detail during this training module.   If you study it thoroughly, it will become apparent to you how simple this really is!

Marketing and Unique Selling Propositions Defined

Since you are involved in the Network Marketing industry, let's define the term marketing.

Marketing:  Delivering the Right Message to the Right People with the Right Presentation.

Webster's says, "all business activity involved in the moving of goods from the producer to the consumer, including selling, advertising, packaging, etc."

Your marketing efforts must be built upon a solid foundation.  Simply sending a letter, a tape, a postcard, or making a phone call is not enough.  So, your prospect should join you, give you money, and become your next Superstar because you sent them some information.  Not!  Most novice Network Marketers don't have a foundation.  My objective is to prevent you from marketing on a weak, sandy foundation.

Everything you do must be based upon a rock-solid foundation.  A solid marketing strategy involves a strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  You'll need to give this some thought.  A strong USP is not something to be thrown together.  Everything you do…all ads, letters, e-mails, in-person meetings, and telephone contacts should incorporate your USP.  A Strong Unique Selling Proposition should answer the following question:

"Why should I do business with you, above any and all other options, including doing nothing, or whatever I'm doing now?"

It must make a deep, emotional connection with your target market.  I must be precise, specific and meaningful.

Here are some bad examples:
? We Build a Downline for you
? The Best Support System Around
? Build Your Business Like Never Before
? Find out What Everyone is Talking About
? I Help People Make Money
? Our Team is the Best in the Business

Not one of these statements are strong, specific, concise, or meaningful.  Your goal is to prompt the prospect to say, "Really, how do you do that?"

Here are some better examples:

? I'll help build you a guaranteed check of at least $500 in 60 days or less, or your money back
? Our Support and Training System has helped over 500 Network Marketers in 137 different companies generate a combined annual income of over $10,000,000 in the past 2-years
? We'll teach you to Double your Sponsoring Activity in 60 days, or I pay you $100
? Fifty of the top Industry Leaders are raving about the results of ABC Company.  Get your Free Copy of "Why the Top Fifty Stopped their early Retirement to join ABC this month"
? I can help you generate enough income in 90 days to make your house payment, car payment, and take a week long tropical vacation.
? Our Team has attracted over 1000 distributors from 410 different companies.

These are not meant to be the very best examples, nor are they to be copied by you.  You must create your own personal USP.  Give it some time and careful consideration.  This is the foundation of all marketing efforts.

Direct Marketing via Direct Mail

Once you have a defined target market in mind (i.e. ProSTEP leads), we must now market directly to them.  The Golden Rule:  A single exposure will have minimal effect, while multiple exposures will have a positive impact and dramatically higher response.  Repeated exposures can be created through the use of different media, including phone, direct mail, and e-mail.  Or, you can make multiple contacts through one media vehicle.

The idea here is to create a clearly linked time-sequence of letters.  Anywhere from four to eight messages over a period of no more than four-weeks.  All messages sent to a prospect will clearly refer to the prior message(s) sent to them.  Frequency is the key!!

Let's now look at the actual structure of a message:

Opening or Headline:  The Headline is critical!!!!!  It must promise a benefit, ask a provocative question, and make a complete statement.  It must target your reader and heighten their desire to learn more.  It must emphasize the best aspect of your offer.

Here are some sample Headlines:
? Would you Like to Learn How to Generate and Extra Five to Fifteen Thousand of Cold, Hard Cash Instantly?
? FREE Report Reveals How to "Double your Downline and Triple your Income in 60 to 90 Days!
? How to Retire from your Job by Christmas.  Free Report Reveals How to Write your Own Paycheck, and Tell your Boss your Calling it Quits!
? Earn an Extra Five Hundred Dollars this Week in Less than 10 Hours.  FREE Tape Reveals Insider Secrets your Boss Doesn't Want you to Know About!
? They Laughed When I Quit My $85,000 a Year Job Until I Called My Friends and Invited Them on a Party Cruise on My Private Yacht!  Free Tape Reveals My Secret to Financial and Time Freedom

Once again, these are EXAMPLES.  Do not copy them.  Give some careful thought and create your own Headline.

Body of the Message: When writing the body of your message, your objective is to tell a detailed story and get your prospect to react.

? Don't be afraid of long copy. It can be too boring, but never too long.
? Use both emotions and logic in your writing.  Emotions are fear, guilt, happiness, anger, love, pride, sadness, etc.  Logic refers to facts, figures and statistics.
? Be sure to translate Features into Benefits (i.e. Feature:  We have Conference Calls 7 days a week.  Benefit:  Which means you'll have access to information regardless of your schedule)
? Write from the "You" Perspective (i.e. You will benefit…)
? Communicate Credibility:  Length in business, size, number served, testimonials, etc.
? Facts Tell, Stories Sell
? Keep your copy lean.  It must advance the sales process.
? Keep sentences and paragraphs short.
? Internal repetition is important.  Make your main points several times.
? Use Subheads to create a double readership path.  You'll have both analytical and impulsive readers.  Analytical people will read the entire message.  Impulsive readers are likely to read only the Headline and Subheads.  Subheads are used to tell your story in brief, while the copy below each Subhead tells it in detail.

? Become a student of ad copy.  Keep, read and review other ad copy that is sent to you.
? Your offer is the "heart" of the campaign.  Create a sense of urgency with your offer.  It must be a good value.  It must be clear, with no confusion.  It should involve a discount, bonus, or premium (gift to someone who responds).  Give them a reason for immediate action.  There should be a logical reason for your offer (i.e. "We're doing this because…).
? Call to Action:  You must be specific and instruct them to do whatever it is you want them to do.  Be sure to let them know what will happen when they respond.  (i.e. Call our 24-Hour Free Pre-Recorded Message to Receive our Free Booklet)
? Use the Power of the P.S. at the end of your message.  Make it a powerful, interesting statement.

Direct Mail Tips:

? Use a #10 white envelope, or an envelope look like it's coming from a friend or relative. No teaser copy on the envelope.  Hand-written name and address only. The idea here is to get your mail into the A-pile, not the B-pile (also known as the trash can).
? No bulk rate postage.  Stamps only.
? Your letter will NOT be on color paper.  Use only plain, white paper.  No letterhead.
? Use graphic enhancements like bold, italics, boxes, circles, simulated handwriting and photo captions (photos), to help emphasize your point.


They Laughed When I Quit My $85,000 a Year Job Until I Called My Friends and Invited Them To Cruise the Caribbean on My Private Yacht!  Free Tape Reveals My Secret to Financial and Time Freedom…

Dear Entrepreneur,

I have a big, big problem, and I'm hoping you can help.  You see, my entire life I wanted more.  More fun, more freedom, more money, more vacations, more toys, better health.  You get the picture.  I just didn’t want to settle.

Would you like to have the Ability to Travel the World Right Now!

No, I'm not saying that you need to be travelling the world with me.  After all, you don't even know me yet.  Nor am I saying that you need to be traveling.  The point I’m making is this; for you to have the choice, to do whatever you wanted.  I bet you would be happier if you could be spending more time with your friends and family and doing the things you like to do.

My Cash-Flow System Can Generate $500 in Less than 7 Days

My friends and family aren't laughing any more.  In fact, most of them are working with me.  How cool is that!  To choose the people you want to work with, rather than forced to work for people you don't.  Even better, pick your own salary.  “Hmm…I think I’ll take $325,000 per year.  Nope, better make it an even $400,000, and don’t forget to include 10 weeks of paid vacation.”

My cash flow system, which I've taught to more than 1000 people in the past 18 months can create financial and time freedom for you too!  In less than 7 days, I can show you how generate at least $500 in cold, hard cash!  And, if you’re special, and I know you are, you could easily double and triple that in the next 60 days!

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Now, here’s the bad part.  Oh, I know, there just had to be a catch. Due to the powerful nature of this program, I can only afford to work with a select few individuals at a time.  If you really desire change in your life, I invite you to call and get my FREE Tape, entitled “My Friend’s Stopped Laughing When I Showed Them My New Yacht”.

Get Your Chunk of Cash Now

And YES, green is a VERY nice color!  If you want the dough, the cash-o-la, the greenbacks, here’s what you must do.  Call my 24-Hour Pre-Recorded Free Message at 800-555-1212 now!  Here’s a Special Bonus for you.  The first 10 people who call will receive a FREE Copy of “The Treasury of Quotes”, by renowned sales and motivational trainer, Mr. Jim Rohn.  That’s my personal “Thank You” for you being so prompt.  And what a great character trait that is!  You will LOVE this tape!

Isn’t it about time you reached YOUR dreams?

Wishing you the Very Best!

Todd Falcone

P.S.  I forgot to tell you.  Over 20% of the people I’ve personally worked with are now earning in excess of $50,000 per year part-time in their home-based business.  You deserve it too.  Call my number right now!



Dear Friend,

A few days ago I sent you a message regarding my Proven Cash-Flow System, but…ouch, I haven’t heard from you.

If you remember, I offered a FREE book to the first ten people to call me.  I sent out all ten immediately and am now working with a few people who will have at least $500 cash in their pocket within the next seven days.

It’s as Easy as 1…2…3…

First, call my 800 number now.  It’s FREE.  You’ll find a pretty cool message to listen to.  Don’t worry, I promise I won’t bore you.  The number is 800-555-1212.  That’s where you’ll get to order a FREE Copy of my tape “My Friend’s Stopped Laughing When I Showed Them My New Yacht”.   For calling in the next 24-Hours, I’ll give you my BONUS REPORT entitled “10 Cool Cash Ideas”.

Second, listen to my tape!  It is awesome…not to float my own boat (and no pun intended).

Third, and finally…call me personally, but only after you’ve listened to my ENTIRE tape, and I’ll show YOU how to CASH FLOW by next week.  My direct office line is 831-646-1983.

If you do all that…I have a STRONG feeling my yacht will stay afloat!

Chat with you Soon!

Todd Falcone

P.S.  My wife said no one would read this entire message.  So, since you did, mention “MARLEY”, that’s my dog’s name, when you call, and I’ll give you another FREEBIE!  I promise you’ll like this one too!

IMPORTANT NOTE:   These are only two copies of  SAMPLE letters.  They don’t have to look exactly like this.  If you’re using direct mail, photos are great to use.  Note the headlines, subheads, offers with deadlines, call to action, and the use of P.S.  There would be four to six more letters to follow.  Get creative.  It will take some time, but you can do it!


Everyone talks about working from home, others . . .
. . . Just Do it!

Where will you be two to five years from today financially, if you keep doing what you are doing today?  Read on to discover a secret that can change you financial future forever!

We are a team of people who have discovered the perfect home-based business for the 21st century, and are searching for a few highly motivated individuals to join us.  We have guided hundreds of people to financial independence through our proven business building system, which anyone can use to create financial freedom.

Now it’s your turn.

? Do you want to end your money pressures forever?
? Do you want to become financially independent working from home?
? Do you want to build an unlimited, hassle-free, residual source of income?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are willing to coach you so you can begin living your dreams before it’s too late.  If you join our team you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  Personal coaches will guide you each step of the way toward financial freedom

Just imagine . . .

? No commute   ?   No Employees ?   No boss
? Unlimited earning potential ?   Flexible hours ?   Low start-up costs

Our time, however, is limited.  Since we will make a substantial investment in each new team member selected, we can only give a high level of support to a few people at a time.  Those who act quickly will receive substantial benefits.

To take the first step toward financial freedom, and to be considered for our team, pick up the phone right now and call 1-800-111-2222.  It’s a TOLL FREE, 24-hr. recorded message.  This may be the answer you’ve been searching for.  By the way, this FREE call requires only 3 minutes….  Isn’t it about time?

For the TEAM       . . . Just Do it!
Todd Falcone
Your Future Business Coach

Internet Marketing

So, you want to make money in cyberspace?  This section alone could be well over 100 pages, but instead, I’m going to give you some basics.  Yes…you will get enough information to get you headed down the right path and achieve results…today!

If you are planning on staying in the Network Marketing industry for the long haul, I urge to become a student of the industry at large. The more you know, the better you’ll become.  Well, let’s get to it…

 Marketing via e-mail:

? The same general rules apply to e-mail marketing as in direct mail.  You can easily convert your series of direct mail letters into an e-mail campaign.   Multiple messages, strong copy, heads and subheads, call to action…it’s virtually all the same!
? Internet Marketing’s “Call to Action”:  You’ll want to give your prospect alternative “calls to action”.  You may have them e-mail you back for “More Information” and their FREE Widget, send them to your website to receive more information and sign up to get their FREE Sample, or  send them to an 800# (although not the best choice when marketing on the internet).
? Auto-Responders are great for creating a totally hands-off Internet Marketing System.  An Auto-Responder is an e-mail address that you give to a prospect.  When they respond, they are automatically send a series of follow up messages further promoting your opportunity.
? Personalize your e-mail message.  Use their name in the “Subject Line” and in the copy.  However, do not overuse their name in the copy.  It becomes overkill.  The purpose of personalizing the message is to get them to read it and think that it possibly is coming from someone they may know.

Your personal website:

? If you don’t have one, get one!  I’m not talking about a corporate site.  You should have your own personal site that promotes your opportunity and gives you freedom to market your opportunity.  It must have a place for people to request your Free Information, Free Tape, Free Widget, etc., so you can capture them as a bona-fide prospect.  There are lots of options for getting a website up and running.  Try ProSTEP, they can build one for you at extremely affordable rates.

Website promotion:

? In addition to promoting traffic to your site through e-mail broadcasting, you should also promote your site to all the Major Search Engines and Indexes (like Yahoo, Excite, WebCrawler, HotBot, etc.)  If you do this consistently, you’ll find people visiting your site from these locations.  This is a long-term, intense project.  To make it a little easier for you, I’ll recommend a service that I’ve used to promote my sites.  It’s called  The site address is  They’ve made it simple to promote your site instantly to all the Major Search Engines and Indexes…and its virtually Free!

Signature Files:

? A “Sig.File” (also known as a signature) is a three to six line “mini-advertisement” at the end of your e-mail that advertises your products or services.  You can create one in whatever e-mail program you are currently using, and it will be included at the bottom of all e-mail messages you send.  It is a non-intrusive and highly acceptable form of advertising on the Internet.
Internet Usenet Newsgroups:

? Newsgroups are a very profitable and responsive place to post advertising.  If you are not familiar with newsgroups, check “News” in your e-mail program and pay them a visit.  It is a virtual online community of people posting information (news) on every imaginable topic.
? Do not ever post to newsgroups that are not relevant to your business! (i.e. posting you MLM Classified to  You risk getting “flamed” by other users.  If you don’t know what getting “flamed” is, let’s just say it’s not good.  This is considered a form of “Spam”, and is the biggest no-no online.  It’s not effective anyhow, so don’t try it!
? You should use your “Sig.File” whenever posting in a newsgroup.  People will get to know you by your signature.  How cool would it be to be known as “The Source for Pre-Qualified Leads, Support and Training”?

Classified Ads:

? There are literally thousands of locations to place FREE Classified ads on the Internet.  Most major Search Engines have Classified Ad sections where you can post.  Type in “Free Classifieds” as a search and you’ll find hundreds of other websites that allow you to post FREE Classifieds.  This is yet another great way to generate website traffic and new business.

The Teaser (Tickler) Message

A Teaser message is a brief voice mail message on an 800#, generally one to three minutes in length designed to “capture” your prospects attention and get them to leave their pertinent information, including name, address, and phone number.  You can also use it as a “Call to Action” and get your prospects to pull-through your system faster.  If they’re HOT, and don’t want to wait, give them the ability to contact you directly or go to the next step of gathering information (send them to your customized Voice and Fax-on-Demand System). As an additional sorting mechanism, the teaser message should also refer specifically to your industry.

Sample Voice Mail Teaser Script #1:

 “Hi…this is Todd Falcone.  I’m so glad you called.  My guess is you’re calling to receive my Free Tape entitled “My Friends Stopped Laughing When I Showed Them My New Yacht”.  If you love this tape as much as I enjoyed making it, you are going to be ‘chomping at the bit’.  Now, to get my tape, and the other FREEBIES I mentioned in the letter, simply leave me your name, address and phone number at the tone.  Please provide me with a direct number to reach you at and the best time to call you.  I will be personally calling you to confirm your information.  Be sure to speak clearly and slowly, and spell any difficult words.  If you can’t wait, and you want to cash flow immediately, then feel free to contact me directly at 831-646-1983.  Here comes the tone…Bye for now!”

Sample Voice Mail Teaser Script #2:

Hello, you've reached the desk of   .  Due to the overwhelming number of calls regarding this business plan I have to offer, I'll ask you to please be patient and I will try and hasten this process as best I can.  For some of you, you are about to drastically change your life.  For what you are about to hear is the most lucrative business plan in North America at this time.  This business is not a money scheme, and it is not a get rich quick plan.  This business is simply a brilliant new concept that is faster, easier, more powerful, and far more profitable than anything you've tried before.  This business will produce positive changes in your life.  Recently a few caring individuals explained to me a powerful new business plan that literally changed the way I live my life.  I immediately took the steps to come on board, and in my first year, will earn well over 6-figures, and all working from home, with virtually no overhead, no boss, no commute, and no time clock.  If you have a burning desire to get out of the rat race, this may be exactly what you're looking for.  The industry we're involved is… (put a small amount about the industry, how many billions of dollars, how much growth, etc.  How big the company etc.)  This business contains the mechanics of wealth necessary to provide staggering annual incomes to those who take action.  I'm looking for leaders, people who are big thinkers, big dreamers, and people who believe they deserve to have it all.  The brass ring in life goes to the bold and the aggressive.  Those who are seeking the standard 40 to 60 thousand dollar a year job, don’t leave your name please.  Hang up now, and really (pause) good luck to you.  For those of you who are still with me, if you never want to worry about money again, let me assure you, you are in the right place at the right time.  If you are skeptical, that's o.k., so was I.  Just look closely at this dynamic new business plan and see for yourself.  It won't cost you a dime to take a good close look, and I have all the information you need to make a relaxed and intelligent decision.  Now, at the tone, clearly leave me your name and phone number with area code first, and the best time to reach you.  Either myself or one of my qualified associates will get back to you promptly.  Please spell any unusual name and give your telephone number twice.  Congratulations to those of you who are still with me, and I look forward to speaking with you in person.

ProVoice and ProCOM

ProVoice and ProCOM are Voice and Fax-on-Demand Systems available from ProSTEP.  You should already be aware of them.  If not, let me point out their critical importance and how they fit into your marketing system.

These systems allow you to have your own personal voice presentation and fax-on-demand, providing valuable information to your prospects regarding your company, products/services, opportunity, added-value benefits of your team, etc.  Most Network Marketing companies have a corporate Voice and Fax-on-Demand system, but it is critical to your long-term success to have your own.

Why?  It will allow you to have total control over your marketing efforts.  You don’t want prospects calling in to a system and retrieving information without providing them the ability to contact you directly.  With a “corporate” system, the only contact information they will have on documents is the company, not you!  Your own personal system allows you to put the number on business cards as your “24-Hour Info Hotline”, and still feel confident that your prospects can find you.

ProVoice allows you to have up to a 10-minute outgoing Voice Presentation and a 10-page Fax-on-Demand document to promote your company.  For an example, call mine, customized to promote ProSTEP at 850-654-7727 ext. 4687.

ProCom allows you the ability for multiple Voice and Fax-on-Demand documents.  You can create a comprehensive “Central Information Gathering Center” where prospects can hear multiple messages (i.e. Message from the President, 10-minute overview, Compensation Plan Explanation, Testimonials, etc.) and multiple fax documents (i.e. Application, Product Order Form, Fast Start Training Packet, Important Team Phone Numbers, etc.)

Setting up either ProVoice or ProCom is relatively easy.  First sign up for either system through ProSTEP, then follow the instructions on loading voice and fax documents.

What to say?  Use your Unique Selling Proposition and provide information to your prospects both verbally and via fax that outline your company (length in business, management team, products, compensation, why YOU, etc.)  Be Creative!

Using ProSEND and other Mail Merge Programs

Whether you choose to use ProSEND or your own e-mail broadcasting mail merge program, you must understand their importance.  Mail-Merge programs will be a major thrust for you if you are marketing through the Internet.  You have the ability to reach out to hundreds and thousands of prospects with the click of a button and without postage costs.  ProSEND allows you to broadcast as many messages as you’d like over whatever time-intervals you choose.  To use ProSEND, you must first sign up for it through ProSTEP.  Once you’ve done it, now simply follow the instructions, download your leads into the system and send your series of clearly-linked letters to your prospects.

Hot Headlines and Stimulating Phrases

The first thing you must do is GRAB the reader's attention.  You do this with a strong headline.  Your headline must stick out from the other hundreds of headlines out there.

Benefits may include: earn while you sleep, make a fortune on the Internet, have more time and more money, create the fortune you've been waiting for, work with marketing professionals, get a free website, use our Auto-Responder system for Free, etc.
As an exercise, you should make a list of the Top 25 benefits of working with YOU in your company.  Tip: Focus on why they should work with you.  What do you bring to the table?

You have to make the reader respond immediately.  You can do this by saying something like: "If you join right now, you can get your FREE website and FREE Booklet on Powerful Internet Marketing Strategies”, or "If you join right now, we will personally give you 50 hot leads of people looking to get started with our program."

Anyone can become extremely effective at writing ads and sales letters by collecting and analyzing ads everything that you are exposed to.  Go to the library and look through magazines, read Direct Mail and e-mail that is sent to you.  Look for intriguing and well-executed ad campaigns.  Become a STUDENT!

Which ads are good?  How can they be improved?  Collect files of ads that are good.  Study them!  Use them for ideas for your own ads.  Get a fresh perspective.  Some of the best sources are MLM magazines like Cutting Edge Opportunities, Money Makers Monthly, and Opportunity Post Card Mailer Decks published by Venture and Cutting Edge Media.

This will take some time and effort.  Most people are unwilling to do what it takes to succeed at creating productive marketing campaigns.  Force yourself to do what’s uncomfortable.  A mentor of mine once told me, “To be successful, look at what everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite.  Force yourself to do what’s uncomfortable.  Average people only do what’s comfortable to them.”  This man is a multi-millionaire.  I took his advice, shouldn’t you?

100 Words that Sell:

Absolutely…Amazing…Approved…Attractive…Authentic…Bargain...Beautiful… Better…Big…Colorful…Colossal…Complete…Confidential…Crammed…Delivered… Direct…Discount…Easily…Endorsed…Enormous…Excellent…Exciting…Exclusive…Expert…Famous…Fascinating…Fortune…Full…Genuine…Gift…Gigantic…Greatest…
Guaranteed…Helpful…Highest…Huge…Immediately…Improved…Informative… Instructive…Interesting…Largest…Latest…Lavishly…Liberal…Lifetime…Limited… Lowest…Magic…Mammoth…Miracle…Noted…Odd…Outstanding…Personalized… Popular…Powerful…Practical…Professional…Profitable…Profusely…Proven…QualityQuickly…Rare…Reduced… Refundable…Remarkable…Reliable…Revealing…
Revolutionary…Scarce…Secrets…Security…Selected…Sensational…Simplified… Sizable…Special…Startling…Strange…Strong…Sturdy…Successful…Superior…

70 Phrases to Stimulate Action:

 Act now…Send your name…All sent free to introduce…Amazing literature…Free…Ask for free folder…Bargain lists sent free…Be first to qualify…Booklet free…Catalog included free…Complete details free…Current list free…Dealers write for prices…Description sent free…Details free…Dime brings details…Everything supplied…Exciting details free…Extra for promptness…First lesson, 25 cents…Folder free…For literature, write…Free booklet explains…Free plans tell how…Free selling kit…Free wholesale plan…Free with approvals…Full particulars
free…Get facts that help…Get started today…Get your copy now…Get yours wholesale…Gifts with purchase…Illustrated lists free…Interesting details free…
Investigate today…It's Free…Act Now…Literature free…Mail material to…Money making facts free…No obligation…Write…Offer limited…Send today…Only 10
cents to introduce…Order direct from…Order Now…Don't Delay…Particulars free…Postcard brings details…Request free literature…Revealing booklet free…Rush name for details…Sales kit furnished…Sample details free…Samples sent on trial…See before you buy…Send for free details…Send for it today…Send no money…Send post card today…Send 15 cents for mailing…Send today…Send your want lists…Stamp brings details…Stamped envelope brings…Test lesson free…Unique sample offer…Valuable details free…Write for free booklet…Write us first…Yours for the asking…15 cent stamp for details…$1 brings complete…32-page catalog free…The Money Making Facts are FREE… Merely Enclose your SASE or $$. Etc.


The Telephone

Most of you will probably spend some time on the telephone, both prospecting and following up with your distributors or prospective distributors.  If you don’t like the telephone…get over it!  Here’s some bad news…you cannot have long-term success if you don’t use the telephone.  The phone is your friend.  I’ll be teaching you how to love your phone!  It is a profit machine.

First things first:  Get yourself a good quality cordless phone with a headset.  I prefer the VTECH 1930C available from Office Depot or Office Max.  It’s a good quality, moderately priced, 900mhz cordless phone with the all the bells and whistles, mute, speed-dial, flash button, speakerphone, etc.  Cost is approximately $100.  The cool thing about this phone is the jack on the side that allows you to put a Radio Shack headset into it (about $15).  Now you have a cordless 900mhz phone for only $115!  That's cheap.

The idea here is to use the telephone with posture and confidence.  Anyone can develop themselves into strong communicators.  You are in control.  Don’t ever let a prospect take control of the conversation.  They are the ones looking for the opportunity, not you!  When you are prospecting on the phone, it is a lot like a job interview.  Your goal is to determine whether or not this person is worth your time.  Think to yourself, “Would I want this person in my enterprise?”  If not…NEXT! (That’s next prospect for some of you newer folks)

Sample Script for Leaving Messages on Answering Machines:

Hi, this is a message for   .  This is Todd Falcone calling you from Monterey California.  I'm calling because your name was referred to me as someone who was looking to generate a six-figure income working from home.    As a result, I'm calling to simply provide you with a toll-free number that you can call that has some recorded information about a business you can operate right from your home and learn to generate between a five and ten thousand dollar monthly income.  Just for calling, I’ll send you my Free Tape entitled “How I Earned $250,000 Last Year…In My Pajamas!”  Here’s the number…800-111-2222.  Again, 800-111-2222.  This is a 24-hour information line that will give you a couple minutes of recorded information and if you like what you hear, simply leave me your name and phone number and I'll call you back personally.  Looking forward to talking with you soon, and hope you're having a great day.  Take care.

Sample Cold Calling Script:

Use this script when cold calling and getting a person live or when following up on those who have left messages on your 800# from your email, letter, or cold call message.

Hi, is ___________ in?

Hi __________, this is Todd Falcone from Monterey California, how are you doing today? I'm returning your call in response to you leaving a message on my voice mail regarding earning an income from home.  Am I catching you at a good time?

Or, if you catch them live and this is your first contact with them.  I'm calling you because your name and number were referred to me recently as someone looking to generate an income working from home.  Is that correct?

Let me cut to the chase _______ and tell you who I represent.  I represent a group of like-minded entrepreneurs in the (nutrition, telecom, travel, etc.)  Industry.  We joined forces about a year ago for self-explanatory reasons, which would be strength of numbers, security, longevity, and most of all, prosperity for all of our associates in the United States and Canada.  Now ________, let me tell you what kind of person I'm looking for.  That person has two qualities, moderate people skills, but most of all a lot of desire.  Now _______, do you have those two qualities?

Let me ask you just a couple simple questions.  What do you do for a living ________? Do you like that kind of work?  How long have you been doing that ________?  What type of income are you accustomed to?

Well _________, you sound like the type of person I'm looking for, you're obviously a big thinker.  Sounds like you have the right reasons to be successful.  What type of income are you looking for?  Money has a "y" at the end of it, why do you want to make that kind of income?

This is the important part; this is where you guide them through the information gathering process

Excellent.  Let me tell you what I can do.  You can look at me as more or less an information tour guide.  I'm going to take you through a process of gathering information about our company so you can make a relaxed and informed decision about your future.  I will not convince, coerce, or sell you on this program.  I will however ask you one question after you have reviewed this information.  And that question will be, on a scale of one to ten, one being curious, ten being serious, how do you rate yourself.  Does that sound fair?

Now, either book them onto a live call, three way them into a brief presentation (i.e. ProVoice or ProCom), play an overview for them with a recorder, get them to your website, etc.  Do whatever it is that is available from your company.

After the call:  ______, how do you feel about what you just heard?
On a scale of one to ten, where do you see yourself?
Great, how soon do you want to start making money?

Overcoming Objections:  Sorting not Selling

Note:  Think about the objections you get on a regular basis and write them down.  If you need help with specific objections not covered below, call me directly, and I’ll help.  Below you will find several objections and potential feedback to your prospects.

I need to think about it.  Great Joe, you're right. Think about it.  Give me a call when you're ready to change the quality of your life.   Or, at what point did you stop believing in your dreams?

How much is it going to cost me?  How much what?  It's not going to cost you a dime to get the information.  For someone like you, $10,000.  But, you would spend it if it was the right opportunity, wouldn't you?

Sounds like a great opportunity, but I don't have the money.  So, what you're telling me is that you don’t have the desire to change the quality of your life.  Because we both know that if you saw an opportunity you would find a way to get the money, wouldn't you?

I can't make it tonight at six or seven.  Great, call me when you can, bye.

I think I'll get in for Sixty dollars.  Oh really? (pause) why?  No, that's not correct, you don't have the desire to find it, do you?  Or…not in my enterprise.  However, the company does say you can get started for sixty dollars.  But let me explain to you, not in my enterprise do you get started for sixty dollars.   I will refer you to someone that you can get started with for sixty dollars.  I am a very successful person and I work only with people who want to be as successful as I am.  Let me ask you something, do you think you can sell a product that you don't have?  So, when you say you don’t have the money, what you're saying is you don't have the desire to find the money.  Great, when you want to make some real money you call me, bye.

How soon do I need to come up with the money?  That depends, how soon to do you want to start making money?  You will then come up with the money tomorrow, correct?

Can you fax me some information?  Absolutely not.  Quite frankly, I'm a busy man, and I don't fax out information to people until I know they are deadly serious about starting in a business immediately.

The Invitation

Here are some additional scripts and approach methods that you might want to consider.
Some are for use with warm-market, while others are good for approaching new people.

One-on-One Invitation

You:  “Susan, this is Todd.  It’s been a long time.  I’d love to catch up with you.  Let’s get together for coffee…How does 10:00 am tomorrow sound at Juice and Java.”

The purpose of this invitation script is to catch up, not pitch them.  (What’s been happening, how’s your family, your job, etc.)  Chances are that many people you talk to are not exactly thrilled with where they are in life.  This is your chance to guide the conversation down another path.  Do not be aggressive!

Prospect:  “I’m exhausted.  I work 80 hours per week and hardly ever see my kids.”
You:  “How come you don’t change?”
Prospect:  “Change?  What else would I do?”
You:  “I don’t know.  What would you want to do?  What would be your ideal situation?”
Prospect: “Less hours and the same or more money!”

Listen very carefully to what your prospect (friend) has to say.  If your opportunity might fit into their situation, then offer the following:

You:  “Susan, I’ve got a video (or audio) that help solve your situation.  At the very least, it will give you some education.  I got it from an associate/friend.  I’ll let you use my copy if you promise to get it back to me within a few days.  Could you do that?”

If you’re offering them an audio or video, be sure it is one that is more educational in nature.  There is a video called “Brilliant Compensation” available, which is a totally generic educational video on Network Marketing.  You can get a copy by visiting  Make sure whatever video (audio) you give them is not on you.  Get it out of your car!  You don’t want your friend to think you’re trying to sell them anything.

Invite to watch a Video or Listen to an Audio

You:  “Susan, this is Todd.  I need your help.  A very intriguing business came across my desk recently.  Quite frankly, I’m excited about it.  I’d like to send you some information and get your feedback and hopefully your help.  What’s your address?”

If they ask for more information when on the phone with them…

You:  “I’m sure you have questions.  And, I want to answer them.  But really, it’s the bigger picture that I want you to see.  The video (audio) I’m sending you goes into detail.  Promise me that this video (audio) is not going to sit on your countertop and that you’ll review it right away.  Great…let’s chat on Wednesday.”

Invitation to a Conference Call or Meeting

You:  “Hi Susan.  This is Todd, do you have a minute or am I catching you at a bad time?
Prospect:  “No, I can talk.”
You:  “I’m working on a side business related to (fitness, telecom, internet, etc.).  Are you familiar with the tremendous growth happening in that industry?”
Prospect:  “Absolutely.”
You:  “Let me ask you a question.  If the money was right and you didn’t have to leave your current career, would you be open to a business idea that would allow us to take advantage of this positioning?”
Prospect: “Yes.”
You:  “Great.  Do you have your planner in front of you?  How does Tuesday night work for you?  Let’s meet at the Hyatt Hotel, or I’ll call you at 5:00 pm on the nose and be taking you to an informational briefing over the telephone.”

Invite to an Online Presentation or Website

You:  “Susan, an business associate of mine just showed me something on the Internet I want you to look at.  Go visit (give them the site).”
You:  “Susan, I just surfed over to a website you need to see.  Are you online right now?  Go visit (give them the site)”
Inviting someone to your Teaser Message:

You:  “Hi…I’m Todd.  If I could show you a way to earn extra income in a part-time business of your own, would you be interested in getting more information?”

If they are interested, exchange business cards, and give them your 800# Teaser number to listen to some brief information.

Three-foot Rule Invitations

This script is for use when you meet or greet someone (at the bank, grocery store, gas station, coffee shop, mall, etc.)

You:  “Hi, I know this may sound a little strange, but you strike me as someone who’s motivated.  Are you?  I’m searching for top producers.  Traditionally we go through newspapers, executive search firms and referrals.  But I’ve found that the most effective way of finding top talent is by going straight to people who look like they’re on the ball.  However, looking like a motivated person is entirely different from being one.  I’d like to give you (send you) some information that gives you an overview on what I do.  Do you have a business card so that I can get in touch with you and get this information into your hands.”


If you notice someone has a particular trait (i.e. great contacts, they type of business they’re in, or personality traits like charisma, happiness, funny, good communicator, confident, etc.), use this approach.

You:  “Have you ever thought about being in business for yourself?  With (your contacts, the type of business you’re in, your personality, etc.), you would be incredible at the business I’m in.  I’d love to give you a call (or send a video, audio, etc.)”

Implementation:  Putting it All Together

Hopefully you’re not on information overload!  Now that you have all this ammunition, it’s time to use it.  Whether your choice is the telephone, the personal approach, direct mail, or the Internet, there is plenty of information here to help you build confidence and build your business!

It’s a combination of warm-market, cold-market, three-foot rule, advertising, and direct marketing that create momentum in your business.



Here’s a small glance at my daily life to give you some idea of how you might implement some of the things I’ve shared with you.  Hope you enjoy it…

A Few Days in the Life of a Full-Time Professional Network Marketer:

Monday, 6:00a.m.  Read my Daily Affirmations and Goals (Am I on track?)  Took my dog for a walk, while listening to “The Goals Program” by Zig Ziglar on my Walkman.  Bumped into an old friend, chatted for a few minutes.  Will send tape to her later.  Return home, shower, shave, and eat breakfast while watching the Stock Market on CNBC. Commute to my desk (30 Seconds…max!).  Check e-mail.  Return messages to those requesting more information from my last e-mail marketing campaign.  Send motivational e-mail message to existing downline.  Check for messages on my Teaser voice-mail box.  Call and confirm addresses of those requesting more information.  Set up ProSend to send out a series of eight letters to my new ProSTEP leads promoting my primary company.  Make several phone call follow-ups to potential new candidates
(2-Hours).  Run to post office to send Information Packages, with all the FREE BONUSES I was offering in my most recent campaign.  Return Home.  It’s lunchtime.  Eat a quick tuna sandwich and a big glass of water.  Read the newspaper and search for good ideas (i.e. good headlines and ad copy).  Back on the phones, promoting evening conference call, sending and receiving email.  Five p.m.  Host National Conference Call.  Follow up with those attending call.  Ate inner with my wife Carla.  Back on the phones until I win!

Tuesday, 6:30 am.  Got up early for golf today.  Shot a 78.  Not bad…should have made those two putts.  Met a couple of doctors, talking about they’re lack of free time.  I laughed and said, “Oh really, how’d you make it out here then?”  They said it was the first time golfing in 6-months.  I made a comment about this being my 6th round in the past two-weeks, and continued golfing.  Got their cards…video on the way.  Back to the home-office by 10:30 a.m.  Called my mom to touch base and tell her I love her.  Assembled new ideas for upcoming campaign.  Reviewed goals…read daily affirmations.  Signed up two new members.  Sent them Welcome/Fast Start Training kit via e-mail, then booked goal-setting and orientation call with them.  Asked them to have a list of their Top Ten prospects.  We’ll be calling them together this afternoon.  Went to the bank to make a deposit and dropped off a few recruiting business cards at the ATM machine.  You never know, someone might call.  If they’re not a leader, they can lead me to one.  If they don’t join, I can ask for a referral.  (Who do you know?)  The afternoon is full of three-way calls with other associates.  Spent some time on compiling this training manual.  Hosted evening conference call.  Took the wife to dinner.  The Filet Mignon was delicious.  Read from “Guerilla Selling” and went to bed.

Wednesday, 8:30 a.m.  Slept in today.  Went for a run with the dog.  Went to the grocery store…The cashier had a GREAT personality.  Got her number and will bring her to conference call tomorrow.  Left a trail of recruiting cards at other various stops along the way.  Cranked the phones….read Affirmations and Goals.  Oh, I forgot, had breakfast and showered.  Followed up, prospected, e-mailed, called, spoke, listened, listened some more, took tedious notes.  I keep records of every person I talk to.  Wow!  I just had an 11% response from my most recent e-mail campaign, and that was after just 48 hours!  Afternoon three-ways and training sessions…dinner with the wife…on the phone until 11:30 p.m.  Promoted websites to Major Search Engines and Indexes.  Placed 20 online classified ads, posted in a few newsgroups.  Sent e-mail broadcast to team.  Went to bed!

Hopefully you’ll find some clues in the “glance” I’ve provided above.  They’re easy to spot!

Recommended Reading

Title        Author
Developing the Leader Within You   John C. Maxwell
The Game of Life and How to Play It   Florence Scovel Shinn
Quantum Leap Thinking     James Mapes
Unstoppable       Cynthia Kersey
How to Win Friends & Influence People  Dale Carnegie
The Magic of Thinking Big    David J. Schwartz
Think and Grow Rich     Napoleon Hill
The Trick to Money is Having Some   Stuart Wilde
The Little Money Bible     Stuart Wilde
The Psychology of Winning    Dennis Waitley
The Greatest Networker in the World   John Milton Fogg
The Power of Positive Thinking    Norman Vincent Peale
The Path:  Creating Your Mission Statement  Laurie Beth Jones
Unlimited Power      Anthony Robbins
The Magic of Thinking Success    David Schwartz
Live Rich       Barry King
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity   Catherine Ponder
The Secrets of Savvy Networking   T. Stanley & W. Danko
Creating Affluence      Deepak Chopra
It's Not Over Until I Win     Les Brown
What to Say When you Talk to Yourself  Shad Helmstetter
You'll See it When you Believe It   Wayne Dyer
Reinventing Yourself     Steve Chandler
How to Master the Art of Selling   Tom Hopkins
The Greatest Salesman in the World   Og Mandino
Rhinoceros Success     Scott Alexander

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A Special Note of Gratitude:

To all my business associates—for giving me the motivation to assemble this material.
Thanks for the inspiration

To Kevin Lehmann—for creating the vehicle for reaching thousands of Network Marketers.  Thanks Kevin.

To Dan Kennedy—whose years of research in the Direct Marketing field provided me with several fundamentals.  You’re the man, Dan.

To The Brilliant Compensation People—who have provided the Network Marketing industry with an outstanding educational video.  Thanks guys.

To Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hanson, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Tom Hopkins---for providing me with education, information, and inspiration.  Thank You.

To Carla, my wife—for putting up with me all these years and allowing me the freedom to reach for more.  Thank You!