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                   If you want to work the rest of your life,
                   That's your business; If you don't,
                                   That's our business.
              Great, You Are Here and There Are No Coincidences!
I tell you what I am going to do. I am going to take you through a process.
Take a  look at some information .

There is a reason I am going to show you this business in this manner.
The whole thing is a "process" and it needs to be done in a way that
you or anyone else can easily do it.

I want you to feel comfortable knowing what to expect.
Also what I expect.

You may have already done some of these steps.

I am going to simply list them here and you can always return back here
to review at any time.

Ok  here you are here is what I would like you to do.
I will explain later, and it is kind of fun so just follow along for now.

1) Please go to
click the banner after you read it, then read and answer the

2) After you have done that and if
what you read looked good to you
I would like you to go to
You need to have macromedia and if you do
not have it,  you can download it free.
If you have trouble viewing it, let me know.
It is long, so get comfortable.
If you do not like this concept, no sense in going any further.
 If you get excited about this presentation , then we can continue on.
You will get even more excited!
We really are involved in Brilliant Compensation!
If you are impressed, your going to love the rest!

Chances are you may have already done these two steps.
They are informative steps and you may be anxious to talk already!

Here is more information that may help you make a desicion.

3) Read
 THE  JOURNEY OF John Kalench
 John is on our team in OUR Business!
 Understand that this is the man who has trained myself and our team
 If you want to learn how to be financially Free for Life, who would you
 want to teach you?

4) 19 Common Questions & Answers about Network Marketing

How can I see and buy the product?
What about the official company sites?

 When you have done these two things and you
think it looks neat then call this number and you will hear
some pre-recorded messages.

  and listen to
 #144 - New Doctors' Panel ( about the products )

# 149 about the business

use for free reports
Famous people



The New World of Team Diamond
Top Nikken leaders reinvent training and field support.

Other mentors on our team
Staying at Home - and Loving It!
For Kathleen Deoul, Losing Her Health Was the Key to Finding Her

"I never, ever, apologize for the large income I have earned.
Every penny I made, every dollar I earned was at the service
of others. "

We are changing people's lives,  we are literally  saving
people's lives with these products. How can you NOT tell someone and at least give them a chance?

There is an phone interveiw we do to  qualify people and going through this part of the process is important for your future success, should we decide to work together.

Understand that I will not try to sell or convince you.
I have no intentions to push, drag or motivate  you , nor do I need or want to.
At this time I am simply showing you information and introducing you to a system
and then you decide where we go from here.

Please keep in mind  after going through these steps  most people
feel 1 of 3 ways:

1.) They like it, and ready to get going.

2.) They need more info.

3) It is not for them at this time in their lives

4.) It's not for them at all..

Either way you feel is perfectly ok! Really!
Part of the system involves taking many, many people through this process.
We work with qualified people who are  ready now. You may take as long as you like.
That is no problem, it is your timing not ours.How long you take  does not effect us at all. Just keep in mind we own a multimillion dollar business .
 We simply qualify people  and work with the ones that are ready NOW.

Time has become very valuable to us.We have already moved to a space where we know we can always earn more money but you can never replace time.

So we respect your time and expect the same.
Try to understand we "qualify" you for your own sake.
Trust the fact that if you do qualify, you can absolutely  reach more success
then you ever thought possible. Really , we would not spend our time with you
if we did not think so.

Does this make sense to you?
Well good, I am glad you understand!

I will ask you at different times in the process if  you could help me as far as your interest level  goes.
If you were to rate yourself on a  scale of 1-10,
1 being: "Sounds great but itís not for you";
or 10 being:" you like what you see and youíre ready  to get started right now,"
where would you say you are?

This does several things.
It helps us both clarify your interest level.
It also defines what type of information you need and the  questions you need answered to make a desicion.
In addition you are learning what it takes to do this business as we do with you
what you will also do with others as well.!

When you have done that please email me and tell me what you think.

If you get pretty excited about it, even though you may be very skeptical
that is perfect!



Just for fun, Ya gotta see my pictures!

Marcy Koltun-Crilley
Time and Money Unlimited
2531 South Kihei Road A107
Kihei, Hi 96753