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You've completed the first step in the information process
that may change either your life or the lives of people you love.
This next step will help you and I decide if we should go further.
Of course that is up to you. If you can honestly answer yes to these
questions, I feel you will be pretty well qualified to do this business
with the same success we have been having and I would want to 
interview you personally.
Oh, by the way , before you fill out this questionnaire you 
should know in advance that answers like: 

"Well, who wouldn't?" 
"Well, who wouldn't, what's the catch!" 
"Well Duh!" 
will be taken as a "Yes". 

Answers like: 
"I can't stand that stuff!" 
"I am outta here" 
or any attempt to try to fill in with a word or phrase
that would make a sailor blush, will be taken as a "no". 

Remember this actually is an amazing and lucrative business opportunity. We only want to work with people that will treat it like the multibillion dollar business it is. BUT, it's a drag to be rich and dull! We love to have fun, and we also want to work with fun loving people, because frankly, why work with someone you don't like, right? 

Fair enough? Here we go.

1) If there were a way to earn an unlimited income by enhancing the quality of people and even animals health, would you be attracted to such an idea? 

2) If you were able to literally enhance the quality of peoples lives in such a way that some of those people were so grateful they called you in tears, to thank you for what you had done for them, would you consider this a rewarding way of earning an income? 

3) If your monthly income increased every time you helped enhance the quality of someone's life, would you be interested in helping allot of people? 
Well Duh! 
Well, who wouldn't? 
Well, who wouldn't, what's the catch! 
I can't stand that stuff! 

4) Are you interested in learning how to create reproductive multiple income streams that grow at the service of others? 
I have no idea what you are talking about, but I am game! 
If income can reproduce, please, spill your guts! 
Yeah, right, I have heard this mumbo jumbo before and I am outta here 
I can't stand that stuff! 

5) Are you willing to go through a fact finding process to get the many questions you must have by now, answered? 
I have been doing it so far, might as well keep going! 
Will ya get to the point already! 
I am already bored and I think I will go play lotto or something 

OK , we are done with the Yes', No's, and "stick it out your ear" type answers. 

Let's move foward. 

6) How many hours are you currently able to put into a business assuming you knew it was what you really wanted? 

7) How many hours would you like to eventually put into the business? 

8) As will be explained to you, this business is based on the fact's that: 

  • The products are patented,( can only be purchased through us,) are life changing and safe technology that virtually everyone can benefit from.
  • You honestly believe that these products can and will impact peoples lives and they are of enormous benefit (We will show you how and why)
  • You understand that although you are never required to use the products yourself, once you understand their value, you would certainly want nothing less for yourself and your family! (assuming you like your family!) 

  • Furthermore, if you do not use the products yourself, it's doubtful people will believe you are being sincere, and frankly, so would I.
  • Rather then try to convince people that the products work, we simply say "try it and see what it does for you". 

  • We loan them to people for a few days. Most people will experience results in that time, and some will have dramatic results in that time or sometimes in minutes. 
    Very few things sell themselves like these products do! 
    Some of their effects can be felt in minutes by EVERYONE.
  • We do not stock products, they are shipped direct to the customer or new distributor. 
  • When you change the quality of someone's life ( and I mean in a REALLY big way!) you will have made a profound difference. People will WANT to tell people all about their experience, the products and you.
OK, understanding the above, and assuming you were convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the products and the business were honestly an opportunity of a life time, how much would you be willing to invest in your future? 

Thanks and Congradulations for taking the time to invest a few minutes in your future. If we mutually agree this for you, you will be mentored and trained by the best people in the industry for free. 

By taking these few minutes to investigate , I can promise you that you will have the ability to make a profound difference in at least one person's life. 

If you qualify and the desicion is made to join us, You will participate in changing the quality of life for thousands of people while creating the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. 

Please fill in the following so we can contact you if you qualify: 
Time Zone
Email Address
Phone Number
Best Time To Call
Current Occupation
Business Owner? Yes No
Network marketing
Yes No

How much would you like to be making a month in this business in one years time? Not what you think you can earn, BUT what you Want to earn. 


Thank you, I will email you first, then call you. I will give you all the information you want to know on the company and products at that time. I look foward to speaking to you and I want to assure you that you are going to be very pleasantly surprised!

designed by Jeremy Helms of ProSTEP, Inc.