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First why try this?

Because this process has produced thousands of
dollars for my self and the people I work with!

It has allowed us to get rid of chronic health

It has allowed us to get into and return to
healthy, loving relationships

It has allowed us to build our business in the
most exciting, fun and balanced way.

AND rather then it being just talk or learning
there is a process that will assist you to
rapidly change your results your life and

How to get what you want and by deliberate

This coaching forum is about learning to use the
Universal Law Of Attraction to have whatever you
want in your life.

Creating your life by Design rather then

Some think this is "spiritual based"

Some think it's religion based, ( I personally
do not follow any formal religion )

Some ( including myself ) see it as science

And I Very much know this to be backed by
Science and Quantum Physics.

Or at least that "believing that it was is what
it took me to "believe " this in theplace and to
take it on as a challenge or "Game".

There is some background information you will
need to assist you with understanding and
learning this process

1 ) If you have something you want coaching with
Please post come with your INTENDED RESULTS for
your post!

It works!!!!!!!!!

Intended Results are " what results do you
intend to get from your post"

2 )Read about the Law of Attraction

order the free CD or tape

or listen to it online!!!!

Read the news letters

Some Excellent ones to start with are:

An Introduction to the Art of Allowing

"Now Reality" as your Platform for Growth

Moving Up The Vibrational Stick!

A Simple Choice: Which Thought Feels Better?


I Realize Abraham-Hicks may present as really
airy fairy voodoo to some of you ( it did for me
at first ) because the messenger is "strange"

If so, I ask you please pay attention to the
message rather then the "messenger"

Some of the top coaches and people earning high
incomes with successful and balanced lives learn
and following the teachings of Abraham-Hicks !

Examples are Joe Vitale , Lynn Grabhorn, Terri
Levine, Sharon Wilson John Milton Fogg. Bob
Proctor , Kurt and Patricia Wright. Napolean
Hill in " Think And Grow Rich" spoke of the same
exact things.

So did Einstein!

I am in the process of creating a new workbook
specifically for "Intended Results"


Here is a " Cheat Sheet" you can use to walk
yourself through the " Process"

Summary From Above: My Intended Results Are:

Once you go through this process, Take your
Intended Results and use it as an intention for
a particular subject or as an overall Dominant

Use your Dominant Intention to DECIDE AHEAD OF
TIME how you are going to FEEL, NO MATTER WHAT
Happens or no matter how bad anyone else is
acting or what anyone else is doing or no matter
what circumstances or situations pop up.

You want to be a vibrational match to your
fantasy and if you practise your fantasy or any
other that feels the same and your going to
allow it and it will be!

Your feelings or emotions will tell you if you
are allowing or not. Any time you feel bad you
are not allowing what you really want and if you
feel really good , then you are.

Do you see why doing " whatever it takes to feel
Good" and deciding ahead of time "How you are
going to feel" is your only real job, and how
feel is so important?

It not only allows you to get what you want, it
allows you to totally enjoy the process moment
by moment , which is actually your life right

Then, look at your day in Segments.

Perhaps after you wake up and until you make
breakfast is one segment .

Driving to work is another.

Before you make phone calls to prospects is

Before you call back that relative that bothers
you is another

Before you tackle your " To Do List" another

Before you get on a conference call another

And before each segment, decide what your
Intended Result will be ahead of time!

Run yourself through the " Process". You may not
need to use the "don't want part or all of it.
And every time you will want to use the What Do
You Want, Why Do You Want it, and The mini
fantasy of How it Feels To Have it Now.

Get yourself up to " vibrational speed before

This should really only take a few minutes!

Then during your day, always monitor how you are

Even if you have to set your watch to every

Do you feel good? Great! Notice it and notice
your thoughts .

Do you feel Bad? Great, notice your thoughts and
then pivot or switch back to the fantasy you
practiced before or anything that makes you feel
good like you did before or at least better!

If you are having a hard time for any reason, go
to using appreciations!

What do you appreciate about the person, or the
situation, or yourself. That will move you up
the vibrational scale you you can access more
and better thoughts that Make you feel good!

OR just take a break and think or do ANYthing
that will make you feel good!

Thats it!

Practice every day for 30 days and you will be
thrilled with your results!!!!!!



Marcy from Maui