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jan 18 2003GS ***************************************************
THE GOOD STUFF   ..Special BroadCast...
Copyright © 2003 by Marcy Koltun-Crilley.
All Rights Reserved.

That's me


I am about to put my neck on the line.

I am going to tell you a story before I know
the ending.

That's pretty courageous considering I have
a readership in the 10's of 1000's.

I risk being caught with my pants down.


I am doing it because I know that
many will catch onto this and they will
experience an amazing freedom.

Proof you can totally control your life
in a way you never understood before!

Ok, here I go:

I just got an email from my account.

"Don't shoot the messenger", she pleaded.

I will file an extension if you need it.

I owe a 5 figure number to the IRS.

A LOT of money I did not expect to have
to fork over for taxes!

And I have to cough it up tomorrow!

"Yikes" I answered!

" Are you sure?  That can't be!"

"Maybe I messed up on the form"

That's what I emailed back to her.

What I did not say and what I was
thinking and feeling was the usual
most  people do!


Maybe You  messed up !

I hate the IRS, those crooks!

Here I am coaching Abundance
and I created this??? 
How did I screw this up?

What a Fraud!

Better not spend any more money!

And another minute or five, of thoughts
that made me feel bad , no matter what
nice positive things I wrote!

Then, all my own training kicked in.

My brain came to a screeching halt !!!

Ok, let's turn this around, just like I coach
others to do!

1) Ask and it is given

2) To receive it you must allow it

By this I mean

3) If there is something you really want,
you must give your attention to it

4) You will get whatever you put your attention to!

By attention, I mean focusing on it, and
FEELING it.  When you FEEL Emotion, your body
gives off energy or vibrations.  According to science
every thing gives off  energy and all energy is vibration.

Light, Sound, Smell, those are all vibrations.

And like vibrations attract like. An A tuning
fork when struck will cause other A tuning forks
to vibrate.

So if you want something you must be a
vibrational match to it.

You get what you are a vibrational match to,
whether you want it or not!

I was putting my attention to what

I did not want to fork over money

I did not want to stop spending money

I did not want to be fearful about my money

Yet that was where my attention was!

And I sure do not want to be caught
with my pants down!


I was not allowing what I wanted!

5)  You know what you are vibrating by how you feel
in every moment.

Your only power is now.

If you feel really Good, your vibrating in harmony
with what you want

If you are not feeling good, you have a discrepancy!

You want something and how you are feeling lets
you know if you are Allowing it.

So Good news, I caught this fast!


I got REALLY Excited about paying the IRS!

6) To get into the " Allowing Mode"

A) Know WHY you want it
B)  Think thoughts that make you FEEL really GOOD!
C ) Go on a rampage of appreciation
D)  Expect something wonderful to happen!

So what did I really want?

I wanted to be financially secure and have a constant, never ending
flow of money  and I wanted that to happen with ease!

Why did I want that?

So I can spend all my time having fun, assisting others,
swimming with Dolphins, traveling, being with my family
flying my family and friends out here.

Basically, I wanted to be REALLY HAPPY right NOW!

So I started to think or fantasize how that would be right now.

Because even if it was not true, I am still FEELING it right now!
So I am vibrating that now!

I only looked at what was to appreciate !

Such As:

The IRS collects money to have  sanctuaries for the whales
on Maui

My account saves me alot of money

With all that fun and time I have I can exercise

So even if I did get caught with my pants down

My butt would look really good! :-}

( You can tell I have practiced this before! )

I can afford to give the IRS whatever they want!

That was yesterday and I feel fantastic today!
I will go to the bank and cash in my CD and pay the
IRS with Appreciation and Expectation
I will get what I want because I feel great, NOW!

I will keep you posted on what happens.

And I will cheat and tell you today, I have already gotten
a Check for $2,345 in the mail, totally unexpected!

Well sort of.

I actually expect a whole lot more!!!!!!!!


Do you want to learn how you can have whatever you want

Fun ?

Owing the IRS?  ( Just kidding and checking to see if your with me! :-} )

Money ?

Love ?


If you do,  go to
and enter your first name and email address



"As long as you think the problem is out there, that very
thought is the problem." -- Stephen Covey



We are here on Earth to do good for others.
What the others are here for, I do not know.

   - W. H. Auden


Spiritual force is stronger than material force;
thoughts rule the world.
 Emerson (1803-1882)


You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose,
but you can't wipe your friends on the couch.



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