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Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

That's Happy New Year In Hawaiian.

Pronounced " how-OH-lee-mah-kah-hee-kee ho"

It's the same thing in  Hawaii, as it is everywhere else.

People practice that age old custom:

"The Good Old New Years Resolutions!"

Set some big goals,

Yada, yada, yada!

Anyone you know ever do this one?

"I am going to lose X number of pounds this year"

And then, they gain 5 lbs getting ready to start the
damn diet, they loss X lbs eventually , maybe and
it's back before the year is up!

They feel so lousy because of they then eat two more pints
of Ben and Jerry's !

So what's up with all this Goal setting and New Years Resolutions?

Why is it so many people set them and they never seem rich,
skinny and happy ?

It's the same reason so many are not realizing their success
in network marketing.

If that stuff does not work for most people, then what really
does work in helping you get what you want in life?

I am going to show you.

Even though you already know it!

Here it is.

Your already wealthy, you just need to learn to
tap into your own wealth.

Most people start by writing a list.

Then they have the daily "to do " list.

Today I have to do, 1, 2 ,3, 25 things
plus everything else I need to do .

Screw it!

I don't have enough time or energy to get all this done

It's looking like a lot of work and no fun.

Eventually, overwhelm and procrastination set in
and I am exhausted just looking at the stupid list!

I am spending more energy worrying about the dumb list
then I spend doing it, I hate it, then I am pissed because
I did not achieve my goals!

Well make your daily " To Do List"

And stop focusing on what you need to DO.

I don't know about you, but the idea of
everything I NEED to DO sounds like a lot of work!

So instead, Focus on who you want to be, Today!


# 3 on my " To Do List" is
ride my bike for 45 minutes.

Instead of having that as a choir I NEED to DO.

Who do I WANT  to BE, TODAY, that will have me
accomplish it?

Today, I will be lean, energy machine!

Flying over the hills of Maui with thighs of steel


A butt so tight you'd break a tooth if tried to bite it!

I have a great imagination, don't I ?

And that's FUN!

So I get on my Bike focusing on who I BE right now.

When it's over I feel energized and I celebrate!

By Being who I want to Be, I just DID the hardest
thing on my To DO list  today!

It's not about "Doing"
so you can "Have" what you want
so you can then "BE" what you want.

It's about BEing who you want
then Doing what you need to do
to experience what you already know you have!

Like Buns of Steel!

I know I got em somewhere! :-}

The rest is cake!

Um, Ok Carrots and Broccoli.

Are you starting to get it?

One thing I want to BE is someone who
Inspires people to access their abundance.

That requires me to give something.

So here is something I want to give to you.

As a Gift.


it was personally given to me by the Author
a few years ago.

AND it changed my life!

So, I am paying that forward!


The Best Selling Book
by Bob Proctor


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Please read it and REAP! :-}

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If you give
what you do not need,
it isn't giving.

     - Mother Teresa



Marcy From Maui

Marcy Koltun-Crilley
Kihei, HI 96753

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