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My Main Programs , Lead Programs and
Affiliate Links .

This page has the companies and affiliate programs and tools
I use to build my business.

Most also pay commissions which not only cover their costs,
they can create additional multiple income streams.

Their additions create LESS work ,
increased effectiveness and  income.


This site is not affiliate and it's free as a guest!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND It, and actually , I created it
because I know how powerful it is!

It's Not for Victims, Losers or Whiners!

How Powerful Are Your Intentions?
Show Me Yours and I will Show You Mine!
The Community for People with Powerful Intentions


Primary Business


The name Annasa is Greek for "Breath of Life" and "New Beginning."

Interested In  Joining Me Having A  Boat Load of Fun
and Making  A BoatLoad Of Money With Ease?

Want to see if we Are We A Vibratioanl Match?


The Support Business's I use to build Annasa
" The Pick and Shovel Companies" will build any business.



As Already Mentioned Above!

I am the CFAO (Chief Fun & Abundance Officer)
I created the place because I wanted to put together everything
and everyone I knew so everyone could benefit as I have and do!



Traffic Oasis

I am a Triple President in this company
meaning something like a "Grand PoBa"!
Actually it's the top Pin level X 3

Great Non-shared leads,  system, ebook, Flash demo and form
explains NWM to prospects  and  a low price!

You also get 3 Great Autoresponders with Traffic Oasis





NOTE : I use AWEBER for my ezines,  and have used it for 6 years.

This company does NOT sell Leads, which is IMPORTANT
for your sake! They are not as versatile as the other in some respects
and way better in others.
And I really like them!

They have a neat feature I have not seen anywhere else.

Important if you want people to actually GET your Messages!

A Spam Analyzer with a scoring system  that lets you know
if your messages will be filtered and lets you make changes before
you send them!

Traffic Oasis

In addition to your leads and others tools
You also get 3 Great Autoresponders with Traffic Oasis!!!!!!!

Picks and Shovels!
Madison Dynamics Inc. (MDI)

Provider of cutting-edge communication, marketing,
advertising and ecommerce tools.
I saved money the minute I joined this company
with the first two products alone.

I am Gold in this company
( that's like the top star ship commander ;-} )

Built web pages, run an affiliate program, emcommerce

Webconferencing , conference calls and chatting on line.

Record by toll free number or internet and
put your voice anywhere!



Marcy from Maui

Ya gotta see my pictures!

Who is this Marcy From Maui, Anyway ?