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Buddy & Sophie Vacation in Costa Rica

Written by
Rhonda Koltun-Drexler
14 West Shore Rd.
Bay Shore, NY 11706


Buddy and Sophie are two year old whippets. They came from the same litter which makes them brother and sister.

Buddy is mostly white with brown spots and weighs 43 pounds. His sister Sophie is all black with a little white on her
chest and tail.
She weighs in at 25 pounds.

Their fur is very short and feels silky smooth to the touch.

Whippets are known for their great speed and similar body type to a Greyhound but much smaller.

Their hobbies include, sniffing the ground for food, licking your face one hundred times a day and being a couch potato.

Their parents have a vacation home in Costa Rica which they visit often but hate leaving Buddy and Sophie behind.

Although Buddy and Sophie love to spend time in the local dog park their parents have decided they are well behaved
enough to go on a much bigger adventure.

Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America which is south of Mexico. It’s a tropical place filled with lots
of sun,  coconuts, exotic flowers, beaches and volcanoes.

It has more animals than any other country ten times it’s size.

Their adventure begins now.
Who will they meet, what will happen ?
Turn the page and you will see !


Today is the day of Buddy and Sophie’s great adventure to Costa Rica! The alarm sounded at 6 am,
just before the sun began to smile. They had to finish packing and get to the airport for a 9:00 am
flight. After checking for their passports, dog papers and plane tickets they were finally on the
way to the airport. Buddy and Sophie were very excited but also very nervous, this was their first
trip in an airplane. Their mom and dad assured them they would be fine and maybe even make some
friends on board.

“ Here we are in the baggage compartment,” said Sophie “not exactly first class is it?” Buddy
  replied , “It’s not so bad, we have our favorite blankets and squeaky toys.”

“ Hey look!” Sophie said with excitement.“There’s a bull dog in the next crate.”

“ Hello, my name is Sophie. What’s yours?”

“ Hola, me llmo Chester.” said the dog in the crate.

“ Huh, do you speak English? I don’t understand you.” said Buddy.

“ Si Si, I speak English. Don’t you know we speak Spanish in Costa Rica?” said Chester.

“ No we didn’t.” said Sophie. “Can you teach us a little spanish?”

“ Sure I can.” said Chester. “I will even introduce you to some of my amigos in the rain forest.
  You will meet lots of animals you have never seen before.”

“ Oh thank you so much!” said Sophie. “We can’t wait to meet all your friends, I mean amigos!” The
  plane finally landed and before they new it Buddy and Sophie were frolicking around in their
  backyard. It was a tropical paradise! There were hummingbirds filling up on hibiscus flowers and
  the sun was brightly reflecting off of their great big pool. Their Mom calls out from the kitchen
  window.“ You can play in the yard all day but when the sun sets I want you both inside the house
  for dinner. I am planning a special meal for our first night in Costa Rica! You understand ?”
  Buddy and Sophie started giggling as they tried out their first word in Spanish. “Comprendo
  mama!” As Buddy and Sophie were playing in the yard they came upon a funny looking animal. Sophie
  said in Spanish, “Hola, buenos dias.”

“ Hello, and a good day to you! said Pedro . “You must be the whippets Chester met on the

“ Si, that’s us!” said Sophie. “But who are you? You are a funny looking perro.”

“ Perro? Pardon me but I am no dog!” said Pedro. “And if your going to speak Spanish you must
  always roll your R’s !” Buddy and Sophie rolled their tongues off the roof of their mouth and
  said perro.

“ Excellente!” said Pedro. “I am an Iguana, you have never seen one before?”

“ No, we don’t have animals like you living in New York.” said Buddy.

“ Well, Chester is waiting to introduce you to all his friends. Lets go!” said Pedro

“ Vamanos” said Buddy, “But just get us home before the sun sets, mama is making a special dinner
  to celebrate our first night in Costa Rica.” Pedro replied, No problema, vamanos! So off they
  went into the rain forrest.

“ Here we are in the Curu National Park.” explained Pedro. There is mi amiga Michelle. She is a
  Scarlet Macaw, isn’t she beautiful!” Michelle called out,“Hola perros, buenos dias.” Sophie
  replied, “Mi Espanol no es buena.” Michelle said, “That’s Ok, Chester the bulldog has taught us
  all English. He spends 6 months here and 6 months in New York, he’s a snow dog!”

“ Have you seen Chester?” said Pedro.

“ Si, he passed here looking for guanabana. { gwa-na-bana )” said Michelle. Buddy repeated,
  “Guanaba - huh? What’s that?” Michelle exclaimed, “It’s the most delicious green fruit you will
  ever taste! Chester wanted to get some for his new friends.

“ Wow! That must be us!” exclaimed Sophie. “Can you take us to him!” Michelle replied, “Si, you
  whippets are very fast but can you keep up with me?” Sophie said, “We can try but I am not so
  sure about Pedro. Buddy replied, “Don’t worry I will give Pedro a ride on my back. Hop on!
  Vamanos everyone!” They ran and ran through the rain forrest following Michelle high in the
  sky.... but they could not find Chester. They stopped for a while to feed on some nuts and water
  when they heard a strange screaming from the top of the trees.

“ What is that horrible noise?” said Sophie.

“ Those are the Howler monkeys.” said Michelle. “They have the loudest voices in the rain forest.
  You can hear them up to three miles away. Suddenly they were face to face with a monkey hanging
  from a tree.

“ Un momento, Que pasa?” said Hank the Howler monkey. ”

“ What’s happening?” repeated Pedro. “We are looking for our friend Chester. Have you seen him?”

“ Si one hour ago, he was looking for guanabana. He went towards la playa” said Hank.

“ Oh the beach, thank you Hank. Sorry if we bothered you.” said Pedro

“ No problemo, any amigo of Chester’s is an amigo of mine. Good luck!” As they continued on their
  way to find Chester and this strange fruit, they came upon a magnificent waterfall. They were
  splashing around in the water having a great time. The water was cool and their new friends were
  a lot of fun, but they knew it was getting late and they had to find Chester. As they emerged
  from the water and gave a quick shake they heard something slither, oh my gosh it’s a snake !

“ SS.... Hey who do you think you are getting me all wet?”said the snake.

“ Who are you?” said Buddy.

“ Me llmo Carlo, I am a Boa Constrictor and I eat small animals for dinner. Mmm... that Iguana sure
  looks good. Buddy growls and says, “You can’t eat Pedro he is mi amigo. We are just passing
  through looking for Chester the bull dog.”

“ You are friends of Chester? Well that is different. Any amigo of Chester’s is an amigo of mine.
  You may go on your way, I will not harm you.” said Carlo.

“ Gracias.” said Buddy. But we can’t find Chester do you know where he is?”

“ No,” said Carlo, “but I will keep a look out for him. You better go, I am getting awful hungry
  SSSS....” They continued to search for Chester. The further they walked the more tired and
  worried they became. As their pace slowed down, they realized there was someone else walking with
  them. Sophie turned to see who it was and said,“Hola, I am Sophie, who are you?”

“ Soy.... Ricardo.... a ....three... toed... sloth.”

“ A what? said Sophie. “Why do you speak so slowly? And do you eat small animals for dinner too?

“ Ohhh... so many questions, I move slowly, I speak slowly and I only eat fruit and leaves. I come
  down from my tree... once a week.. to make.. a # 2.”

“ Ok Ok, that’s enough information.” said Sophie. “We are looking for our friend Chester, have you
  seen him?”

“ Si,Si, He went... toward la playa, it’s not.... much ..further.”

“ Gracias.” said Sophie. “We are going to hurry now, maybe will see you later, Hasta luego!
  Maybe.... you will... Goodbye, Adios... They finally saw that white sandy beach leading into the
  most beautiful aqua colored ocean. They called and called out Chester’s name, still no one
  answered. Buddy thought he heard a small yelp. He wondered over behind the bushes and there was
  Chester buried up to his neck in all that green fruit.

“ Chester, Chester what happened to you?” said Buddy.

“ I came here for guanabana to welcome you and Sophie , when I shook the tree they all came down
  and buried me. Can you get me out please?”

“ No problemo!” said Buddy Buddy howled out loudly, “Chester is over here, come help!” They all
  jumped on top of the pile and started eating the guanabana one by one. Wow! This fruit really is
  delicious!” said Sophie.

“ Si, I know....” said Chester, “eat faster.”

“ I think I am free now!” cried Chester squirming his way out. “Gracias mi amigos! Look, here comes
  Ricardo the three toed sloth.

“ Hey.... did you... save.. some.. fruit for me? No body ever waits for me. “Wow! your tummy’s are
  really big.” said Ricardo. Pedro let out a huge burp. “Excusa mi !” said Pedro. “Sorry Ricardo,
  we had to eat all the gunabana, Chester was buried and we had to get him free !.”

“ Oh my goodness!” said Sophie. “Look at the sun! We have to get home Buddy, come on lets run!”

“ I can not run,” said Buddy, “my tummy is too full.”

“ But we have to get home.” said Sophie. “Mom and dad will kill you.” “Me?” said Buddy, “what about
  you?” Michelle Cried in, “Oh stop your bickering and let me think.” Humm.. my bird brain tells
  me..... Chester got us into this mess, let him think of something! Si, Si, it is true.” said
  Chester. “If you didn’t have to search for me you would be home by now.”

“ It’s Ok Chester, you were just trying to do something nice for us” said Sophie.

“ Yes.” said Buddy “it’s really our fault, we knew we should be home by now.”

“ No, It’s really mine.” said Pedro,“I promised to get you home for your special dinner.” Michele
  and Ricardo looked at each other and said, “Not our fault, nobody told us about a special

“ It’s nobody’s fault, we just have to think of a way to get them home.” said Chester. Once again
  they heard that loud scream. Hank the howler monkey was swooping in from branch to branch. That
  gave Chester a brilliant idea!

“ I ‘ve got it!” said Chester. As Hank swooped down in front of him.

“ I am so glad to see you Hank, can you help me get mi amigos home?”

“ Sure I will Chester my old friend, but how can I help?” said Hank Chester asked with excitement,
  “Who has the loudest voices in the rain forest?” Everyone shouted out at once, “The Howler

“ Si, excellente!” said Chester. “If you call out to the sea turtles with their great size and
  speed they will get you home in minutes! Hank let out a howling scream. In seconds five huge
  leatherback sea turtles surfed up onto the beach. Everyone cheered ! One by one they jumped onto
  a turtle’s back, except for Sophie who was still standing on the beach. Back in New York at Jones
  Beach ocean, she got tumbled by a wave and never went in the ocean again.

“ Come on Sophie, it will be Ok.” said Buddy.

“ No, I will walk home.” Sophie said sadly. “Tell them I am on my way.” Buddy sighed and said,
  ”Sorry Chester, it was a good Idea but I can’t leave my sister, I will walk too.”

“ Un momento.” said Hank. “Don’t worry about Sophie. You go on, I promise I will get her home
  safely.” The turtles took off and they all waved goodbye. Hank scooped up Sophie and disappeared
  high into the tree tops. Swooping as fast as he could from tree to tree until the end of the

“ This is as far as I go.” said Hank. “Lena and Juan will take you the rest of the way.” He sent
  out a scream and in a couple of seconds two birds came soaring in.

“ Who are they?” said Sophie.

“ They are King Vultures, they can fly you home in dos minutos. Isn’t that great!” said Hank

“ Vultures?.... ah won’t they eat me? Maybe I should have gone by ocean. I am feeling a little
  dizzy.” said Sophie.

“ Well don’t faint, If they think your muerto ( dead ) they will eat you! Just kidding! They will
  take you home, I promise.” said Hank.

“ Ok,” said Sophie, “but I am still scared.” Lena and Juan picked up Sophie by her scruff and took
  off into the sky. Have a nice flight! called out Hank. In two minutes Sophie could see her house
  and everyone was in the yard, including her mom and dad. Lena and Juan soared in gracefully and
  dropped Sophie off.

“ Wow! Did you see me fly through the sky?” said Sophie. “Oh, hi mom and dad, sorry I am late.”

“ Don't worry Sophie.” said her Dad. ‘Your friends and Buddy explained what happened and

“ We were very worried about you both and are glad you are safe but tomorrow you can not leave the
  backyard. Comprende?” said Mom. Buddy and Sophie said sadly, “Comprendo mama.”

“ We are also very impressed with your new friends. Any one who takes such good care of our dogs
  must stay for dinner and play in the pool. How does that sound ?” said Mom and Dad. They all
  started cheering and thanked Buddy and Sophie’s mom and dad for being so understanding. Buddy and
  Sophie were finally resting comfortably in their bed. They were exhausted from their most
  adventurous day ever ! Hey Buddy? I No we got in a little trouble today but It was the best day
  in my life! I will remember it forever. Buddy yawns and says, “Me too, I love our new friends and
  I love Costa Rica.

“ Good night Sophie.”

“ Buenos noches Buddy.”