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SPONSOR LIKE CRAZY ON LINE Copyright © 2001 by
Marcy Koltun-Crilley. All Rights Reserved.


It's 1 AM,
the moon is full,
the surf is up
the whales are back.

As I type this issue of "Sponsor Like Crazy " under these conditions
it seems so simple to be grateful and access my abundance.

Last week we spent a few days with a New York City Firefighter.
A Battalion Chief and his family

My husband was a NYC Firefighter for 15 years,
we grew up there.
There was much to talk about.

We heard the stories, we saw their pictures
and we also all had a great time here on Maui.

Sept. 11th reintroduced us to the people we might all strive
to become.

Can we ever do enough to honor the people who
"Run in as others run out? "

In the mist of tragedy "New York's Bravest"
also also able to access their abundance and be grateful.

Sept.11th provided immediate and dramatic examples of
what really matters.

For me, I was reminded  that the people who matter most are
often the ones I take for granted most.

Sept. 11 placed on the back burner  many things I thought
mattered and replaced them with the people and things that
do matter.

The Great Stuff I already have.

Like my Husband, a Firefighter.

My wonderful son,

my family and friends


the moon,

the surf ,


the whales.

My mission is to access abundance and
inspire others to do the same.

Oh, by the way

Sometimes, I screw up.

For example,

The Fire Chief has survived this whole WTC thing
and I almost get the guy drowned !

We were swimming to this spot
where I know there are sharks to see,
and Damn, we get nailed in the
"Tahiti express" current.

I am not too worried about myself
and I am thinking,
"Man, this will be ridiculous if after all
this guy has survived, he drowns on vacation
on Maui because I wanted to show him the sharks!"

It ends good though.

My husband,
( the other Fireman I often take for granted)
realizes we were gone too long and arrives in the zodiac.

And the Chief turns out to be an excellent swimmer, anyway.

And Damn if I didn't find $20 to boot when we
snorkeled again 15 minutes later!

Would you like to get better at getting wealthy?

Here's a New Years gift for you.

It's a book called
" You Were Born Rich"

It's by Bob Proctor and it's total Gold

Read it.
It's for those willing to " run in , where other's run out" too!


When we walk to the edge of all
the light we have and take the
step into the darkness of the
unknown, we must believe that
one of two things will happen.
There will be something solid
for us to stand on or we will
be taught to fly.

        - Patrick Overton


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