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I want to let you know about two things

1) What I did today for 5 hours on and in the Ocean
and what does that have to do with YOU earning money?

2) I will be a Special Guest, On a Special conference call .
And I am inviting you as my guest.
 *******  InterNetwork Marketing  *******

It's about building a home business using your phone and internet.

I will give you number # 2 first.
The Greatest Networker WEEKLY Teleconference Call

Tuesday, February 19th -

  2:00 pm Eastern Time

Subject: InterNetwork Marketing
How to do Your Business over the Internet...

Special Guests
Marcy from Maui, ( That's me,),
Diamond Jul and John McCabe

Tuesday  February 19th -
2:00 PM Eastern Time USA,
Members and their Guests from around the world are
invited to join our LIVE interactive "Fireside Chat"
with John Milton Fogg.

Phone #: 212-461-5860.     Caller Pin Number: 8361
Alternate #: 646-519-5860  Caller Pin Number: 8361

 *******  InterNetwork Marketing  *******

To attend become a guest

To be able to invite others and benefit from what you
will hear, and, you will want to after you experience this:
Become a Member

 PS, I don't get paid if you join
I am a volunteer and on the advisory board.

AND I bet you WILL get paid if YOU join! :-}


Ok, now for the first thing I was talking about.

I just returned from the most spectacular day!!!!

My husband Larry, my 6 year old son Mack, and I
went out for a ride in our Zodiac.

Perfect Maui day.

We spent almost 5 hours in the company of at least

100 Spinner Dolphins
quit a few Humpback Whales as well!

I have never seen so many dolphins here hang around
and be willing to play for that long!

 Above water the dolphins were just jumping and spinning
Spinner dolphins are known for the bizarre leaps they do!

They can leap into the air and make as many as 16 complete
lateral spins with their body!
Most dolphins can't leap as high as the Spinner and , no others
can spin
If you have Quicktime player you can see what I mean

At times the dolphins followed us and circled around or boat,
riding within inches of our face and leaping before us.

Slapping their tails and spinning getting us wet.

Other times they would gather and slow down.

Mack and I got into the water and dolphins were everywhere!

The sonar buzzed through us, and several swam right up to us!
Here is what it sounds like

At one point there was one male who kept showing up with a " FoodLand"
plastic shopping bag draped on his dorsal fin. He let it go and then
picked it up
with either his pectoral fin, tail or rostrum (nose ).

It came really close to me with it and let it go.

I went to get it and 2 others buzzed by me and napped it!

I swear they were laughing.

I found this video of a spinner on Oahu playing a similar game by
himself. Watch how he moves the plastic from his nose, to his tail
and pectoral fin

There were also Humpback whales, blowing and breaching all day!

The sound under the water was filled with both the dolphins and the
ever singing whales.

Hear is a clip of humpback whale song.

It sounds like cows in outer space.

At one point we had spinners jumping up close and right in the
were whales breaching at the same time!

As we got closer to Molokini the ocean swells got big and the
dolphins were actually surfing them with use.

What a wild and wonderful day!

You might be thinking:

"Hey, pretty cool, Marcy, but what does that have
to do with earning income from home with a telephone and internet?"

Never mind teaching me how to do it!"

Well, nothing.



You see, often  people  email me for advice
or join me as a partner that ask:

"Gee Marcy, You have a cool life, and you earn great money
so it's easy for you to attract people to you and the business."

I was not born on Maui, I was raised in New York

I moved to Maui BEFORE I had money, not after.

I sure did not not start out a whiz kid in MLM
by any means and frankly I still can't type


Have you noticed I don't spell too hot either?

In fact, I am dyslexic!  No kidding.

So how did I do it when I had little to start?

By learning to access my abundance and BE my values.

I love Fun, Creativity, Humor and Abundance.

So I allowed myself to enjoy that!

In the process of accessing what I love and am good at,

EVEN if it had Zippo to do with network marketing,

I learned that my posture changed, I chased no one, enjoyed myself

AND people that are attracted to those things were attracted to me.

Why would I want to attract people that don't like that stuff? :-}

What a killer way to make money!

Meeting really neat people.

By being fun, and having fun!

Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing themselves

And that was the trick!

I had to change first, yet only my thoughts.

Be me, instead of someone else!

By  shifting the way I  approach life by   focusing on being
qualities that are congruent with abundance instead of on doing
things them, like making money, making phone calls, doing my big list
of "To Do's."

When I focus on being fun, courageous, creative, and playful, I find
that I am more empowered, productive and abundant than  when I
focus only on what I  have to DO.

It works!!!!!

I can have a blast,
write about it,
build my business
empower people
and make money

Even though it none of that had "squat" to do with network marketing!

Or Does it? :-}

"Deliberately seek the company of people who
influence you to think and act on building the
life you desire."
                             Napoleon Hill

If you want to feel rich,
just count all of the things
you have that money can't buy.

     - Anonymous
 "Do not let what you can't do
interfere with what you can do."
John Wooden
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Marcy From Maui

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