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Copyright © 2004 by Marcy Koltun-Crilley.
All Rights Reserved.

That's me

Friendship Smenship, Show Me the M oney!

You may have heard the terms
and clichés tossed around about

"Get Rich Slow"

"Relationship Marketing"

To some, this sounds like the
" Airy fairy Stuff".

Or Chit Chat around, making "friendsies" hoping
someone will get it.

And Frankly, many people do that because they do
not really understand what it's about.

Personally, I have an aversion to chit chat and
small talk.

And honestly, I would rather have the Flu!

When I get a prospecting call and someone I
hardly know starts asking me all these questions
about my family and beating around the bush
I can smell that "MLM rat" coming from a mile away!

Relationship is simply about making a connection
with someone.

Rather than Chit Chat, ask someone something you
really want to know about them, and give them
something that will serve them.

I recently was speaking with someone who was a

A lead is simply a stranger that thinks they want
to get involved in a Home based business.

Frank, ( the "lead" ) asked me to "tell him" about
my business.

Sort of a "draining " question, isn't it?

I am already wondering what's for dinner.

So, I asked him "what is it you specifically
want to know?".

Frank answered the usual thing: "what does it
cost, how much can I make How long until I am in

In the "old days" this is normally where my eyes
would glaze over.

I said "Ok, it cost's anywhere from $150 a month
to $1000 a month, the amount depends on how you
want to run your business.

How much will you make and how soon will you be
in profit? I don't know because I don't know
enough about you, Frank. "

Now this is feeling better.

I give the responsibility back Frank.

"If your willing to answers some questions for
me, I can give you a better guess though."

In saying this I am going to be able to find out
if I like this guy and if it would serve both of
us to work together.

If he is willing to be responsible for his success
AND I am answering his questions honestly.

In return,  he is eager to answer my questions
because doing so will serve HIM.

Frank eagerly agreed.

I asked " What is something you do really well
and enjoy doing? It does not have to be
something that makes you money.

"Hmm," he said, scuba diving, I love scuba
diving and I am good at it."

Suddenly I am all ears! The energy has just
changed big time. Just so happens I am a dive
master, I love diving!

Frank is no longer a "lead", he's a potential
dive buddy!

"Great, tell me what makes you so good at diving
and what makes it so special for you, what do
you most appreciate about diving?"

Now he is on a roll, he spoke about his passion
for diving and the feeling of being weightless
and flying.

Now he is excited and feeling really great.

And so I am I!

Two things I gotta tell you, Frank.

My professional opinion is that you have huge
potential because in this business the size
of your income is directly related to your
ability to be passionate about what love.

You just proved that your passionate
about something you love and are good at!

Second, I think your someone I would enjoy
working with. Because I am a diver too!!!!!

We both "lost it", and we both sort of forgot
about the business for a few minutes as we
exchanged dive stories and exchanged pictures
we had taken via email!

After a short while I told him I had to go, and
that I would send him a link that explained the
details about my business, and if he found he
was interested by all means let me know.

And regardless, please send me your other dive

Frank was very eager, next time we spoke it was
like old trusting friends. He called me back,
wanted to know when he could start.

By all means we felt a strong connection.

Now I said we had forgotten about the business
for a minute. The truth is we were DOING the

You DO get paid according to your ability to be
passionate about what you love and we were doing
that in a partnership right than and there!

When you make six figures at this and you are
helping other people do the same, your going to
be spending alot of time with those people.

On the phone, on the net, on vacation, etc.

Do you want to be doing that with people you
don't like?

Or do you want to be spending your precious time
and money with people you love being around?

I love this business. It never seems like work
to me and I really enjoy the people I work with.

And I am not going to work with people I can't
connect with and enjoy when I can be working
with people I can have a blast with!

I know I can make money, no matter what I do.

But what fun would it be if I had money, but no
friends that had the time and money to play with

Relationship and connection will make or break
your success and it does not require a script
when you know what your passionate about!

Ask yourself

"What is something you do really well and enjoy

Than ask " and what makes you so good at it and
what makes it so special for you, what do you
most appreciate most about it?"

Than ask a few friends and a few strangers the
same question.

You will be surprised how easy this relation
shipping stuff is and what a gift you give to
yourself and others by asking questions that
bring out the best in everyone.


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and
the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors
the servant and has forgotten the gift."

-Albert Einstein


You and I do not see things as they are.
We see things as we are.
  - Herb Cohen


Whatever we are living, in
this moment, is a perfect vibrational
match to our mode of allowing.



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