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                                 A WAKE UP CALL.            
Would you trade your life for money?

If you answered "NO WAY", I ask you to stop and really think about this.

If you trade your time for money, in other words, you are financially
rewarded by the time  you put in and not by the difference you make
for  yourself and others, you are, in fact, trading your life for money!

We are taught to do this, even in college.It may lead to wealth but rarely does it lead to balance and abundance in all areas of your life!

What is money without health?

What is health without family?

What is health, family and Money without time?

Do you agree?

I can tell you from experience  there really is a better way! Will your life be perfect?

Hey, nothing is perfect, if it was we would stop growing. It is the journey that
that matters, and the present that counts!


If you do not do something different where will you be five  
years from now?

Call or Email me now.

I want to know What you Need,  What you Want, by When do you want it.
and how Much you want it. CLICK and SEND!


I will NOT try to sell or convince you. As an experienced and successful
professional in this industry I have found that if I have to  drag you in, I have to
drag you around, and frankly, I have learned to let go of excess baggage! It is
your life and your job to make a decision that will best benefit you.

Instead, I will provide you with whatever information you
need in order to make a decision. Should you decide that this is right
for you my promise is to do what it takes to help you get  
what you want. I am part of a team that has a proven    
track record in the industry and you will have some of the
greatest most successful mentors in the world available to                                            you.

When we speak, I promise you will be pleasantly  
surprised! You will also realize that rather then hype, if       
anything, we underpromise and over deliver!  I do require a few things.

After all, I love this business, I love the people I work  with and I am over
compensated for what I do.  My success is based on how many people I help
become successful. Through experience and  superior mentor ship I have
found there is a process, that,  if followed, will lead to guaranteed success in
the quickest  time possible.

If I know I can not help you get what you want then would    
you agree we would both be wasting valuable time?

Therefore, I may request that you go  through this process in order to
ake a decision. If I do so, it is because I am  interested in your success,
not your  time, money or past failures.

Does that make sense?


" I never, ever, apologize for the large income I have earned.
  Every penny I made, every dollar I earned was at the service
  of others. We are changing people's lives,  we are literally
  Saving people's lives with these products. How can you NOT
  tell someone and at least give them  a chance? "
    *a healthy wealthy and grateful distributor

We never know how much time we have left.

Make every precious moment count!

Start right now. Take the first step and contact me now !

click and send => Marcy Start Me On The Process!

Contact Information
Marcy Koltun-Crilley
Time and Money Unlimited
2531 South Kihei Road A107
Kihei, HI 96753
Toll Free: 888-309-8527
Home Phone: 808-874-5644
Work Phone: 808-874-5644
Fax: 603-388-2683
Cell Phone: 808-283-1039
Toll Free: 888-309-8527

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