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That's me

I just spent 4 days living with Tilak.

Tilak is pronounced " Tea Lock", by the way.

I met Tilak on Maui at a talk he was giving.

I then had a "session" with him.

That "session" is difficult to describe
because it was unlike anything I have
ever experienced!

There is not a vocabulary to describe
what happened so here is my best shot.

If you have met Tilak, you will

He touched my head with his hands, and
blew on my forehead.

I saw the most brilliant, yet "soft"
lights in my head.

There was no time.

I could not think.

I felt like a molecule in outer space.

The most exquisite, even sensual
feeling of pure love, and total well
being swept over me.

And an absolute feeling of "knowing."

I walked out of there like a puddle
with a huge smile.

There were many other puddles sitting
next to me, none of us knew what hit

I had to have more,what ever it was!

I am not really sure how " it" works,
or what "it" is. I do know something is
happening on an organic level!

The " About Tilak " section of his book
" Breaking Reality ", describes him
this way:


Although it is difficult to describe
Tilak and his work, thousands of people
around the world, who have met him over
the past three decades describe his
presence as a gateway that has
transformed their lives.

Tilak is not a Mystic or Guru.

His work is not based on traditional
religion or philosophy. Tilak's
presence opens a unique space and
transformation of energy.

Born in Sri Lanka in 1943, Tilak as a
child displayed an extraordinary way of
making people feel joyful and vibrant
by spontaneously creating specific
waves of motion and stillness.

A fateful accident changed the
direction of his life and allowed his
full presence to surface in numerous
ways that profoundly touched people.

From the mid sixties to seventies, he
became reknowed throughout his homeland
as a teacher, therapist, friend and
guardian to thousands.

Tilak moved to the United States in
1974 at the invitation of several
scientists and scholars, making it his
permanent residence. Numerous
scientific institutes and organizations
have been intrigued by Tilak's
remarkable abilities.

What Tilak offers is not some startling
insight into your own psyche or a
cathartic release from emotional pain.
Rather it is an opening of a fresh
breeze of energy and brilliance which
will enable you to live your life
without resistance.


Besides the fact that it is just plain
delightful, There is something else
going on here.

My personal mission is to be an
Ambassador of Abundance.

What I have discovered, learned, live
and coach is the Scientific Law of
Deliberate Creation or Allowing.

The " Law" basically states The
Universe is vibrational.

All forms of matter and energy are
attracted to that which is of a like
vibration. The implications of this
law are vast, and the law holds true
for all known Universes.

There is a steady stream of pure
"source" energy .

We either allow it or we disallow it.

When we allow it, we feel pure positive

When we disallow it, we feel negative

Three Points of Creation: 1. Ask. 2.
Universe Answers. 3. Allow Desire to

1) The first step is: ask for what we

We can ask with our words, but our
asking is really happening on a
vibrational level.

2) The second step is:

Answer the request.

That's not our job; That is the job of
Source Energy and Universal Forces.
Law of Attraction.

"When you ask, it is always given

3) The third step, and the one that is
the most misunderstood is:


We must be in the receiving mode of
what we are asking for.

We have to be a vibrational match to
our own desire.

Whether it feels good or bad is the
indicator of whether we are in the
receiving mode or not.

So it is always accurate to say that
whatever we are living, abundance or
poverty, wellness or sickness, joy or
despair -- whatever we are living, in
this moment, is a perfect vibrational
match to our mode of allowing.

Our emotions tell us whether we are, in
this moment, a vibrational match to our
desire or not -- whether we are in the
mode of allowing or receiving, or not.

And so, by paying attention to our
emotions, or by paying attention to the
way we feel, we are getting a very
clear indicator of what our vibrational
offering is. The only reason that
something that we want is not coming to
us , is that we are holding ourselves
in vibrational harmony with something
other than what we want.

What we are getting always matches what
we are vibrating and what we are
vibrating always matches what we are
getting, without exception.

They are always the same.

The Universe does not know our words or

It responds to vibration.

The Universe is matching our vibration
with things like it.

So our work is to deliberately offer
thought vibrations that are a
Vibrational Match to what we want.

And what most people do is Resist what
they want the most!

The secret of creating anything that we
want is get happy and stay there!

Because in our joy, we are always in
the place of allowing that which is in
vibrational harmony with who we are and
what we desiring.

For example.

We may ask for money to pay off a big

And whenever we think about it, we may
be saying " Bring me money", yet we do
not feel excited, we feel bad. we are
in scarcity about the money we owe.

What if it does not come?

So the Universe can ONLY be a match to
my vibration!


If we want to be in an allowing mode we
gotta feel good!!!!!!

Nothing Matters More than that we Feel

Now here is where my experience with
Tilak comes in.

Everything you just read, you might
want to believe and live.

And yet it is in your head
intellectually, and like anything else
may be hard to actually BE.

Something about Tilak has done two
things for me.

First, his energy has sunk in my well
being "organically" or in a physical
way, not in an intellectual way.


He puts people into a state of no
thought, Where there is no time and
they are in the moment, thus in touch
with source abundance, thus pure

All of our life, our power, is right

Life can only be lived moment to moment
and that requires a "Breaking of Time".

So I am spending alot of time feeling
Really Really Really Really Good!!!!!!!

Right Now and Now and Now.

Which is why money, boats, houses,
ideas, fun and well being seem to be
coming to me so fast!!!!!!!

I can teach you more about Deliberate

And I will!

And Only Tilak can do "Tilak stuff!"


He does not advertise, it's sort of a
word of mouth thing.

The speed of light is higher than the speed of sound.

The spped of thought is higher than the speed of light.

Break the speed of thought, and you will break time.

--- Tilak


Sexual Energy and Spiritual Energy are identical Energy.
When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on--that's the
"turned on".

When Source Energy flows through you, it flows through you.
You cannot separate one from the other.

Chicago, IL -- 9/23/00


Silence is actually a space of unconditional love one
experiences inside and outside as deep wonder.
It is not suppression of thoughts or sound, but a space
of no boundaries and no friction.

--- Tilak


Practice the Art of Allowing.
Which means reaching for the thought that feels best,
not the thought that is the real thought, not the thought
that is telling it like it is.

Telling it like it is only holds you where it is:

Tell it like it is if you like it like it is.
But if you don't like it like it is,
then don't tell it like it is--tell it like you want it to be.

Syracuse, NY -- 9/30/00


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