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Copyright © 2003 by Marcy Koltun-Crilley.
All Rights Reserved.

That's me


Ever try to get kids to do something they
don't want to do?

And then expect them to appreciate it?


That should include you and few billion
other people on this planet! :-}

Yesterday I agreed to take my son to the movies.

" IF " he cleaned up the TV room and his room first!

Now before you say:
 " Oh, I know how to bribe kids too"

This was a bit different.

You see I had been guiding my 7 year old,
teaching him about "Law of Attraction".

I taught him the " Fantasy Game"

That's where you pretend as if you already
have just what you want, you write a script
in your head and you FEEL it.

I taught him the " Appreciation Game".

That's where you list all the things you
appreciate about a person or situation

In both these games you get what you focus on,
so you want to make it feel really good!

In life you ALWAYS get what you practice thinking
or focusing on!

Well he had been focusing on the Movie


I on the clean rooms!

We said we would switch lists.

And I have a horrible confession!

I cheated!

I didn't not go into a big fantasy about the movie,
I kept thinking we would not have enough time to get there!

Well,  It took him only 15 minutes and both rooms
were clean and he was beaming.

We jumped in the car and ,

You guessed it!

I was almost out of gas and had to stop
to get some.

Then I had a problem at the pump.

Then there was all this unexpected traffic!

At this rate the movie we would be over by
the time we got there, which was what I kept thinking
so of course, it kept looking that way!

I told my son, Mack

"Mack, I have an idea.
Lets turn back, we can go shopping and then
go to the later movie."

That sounded positive and reasonable to me.

Not to Mack who played the game better then I.

" Mom, never give up!
The commercials always take so long we can make it.
Just pretend we are at the movie right now,
and we are laughing and having fun right now! "


Jeez, words from my own lips
he starts repeating!

So I started doing that and as I did
Mack said:

"Mom I want to get some candy at the movies".

I bolted from my fantasy and said:
"Are you kidding? We will never have time to
stand on line for candy! "


"OK, OK!"
 I added that into my fantasy
so pleased he had appreciated what I had be
teaching him and now he was teaching me back!

Law of Attraction works great!

The traffic ended like magic,
the perfect parking spot appeared
and there was NO line for Candy!

We got into our seats as the last commercial ended!

You know what Mack told me later that day?

"Mom, I am so glad you taught me how to appreciate
cleaning my room!  I thought about the movie the whole
time so I never thought much about cleaning!!!!!!!"


He must have been appreciating more things cause
we stopped at a pet shop and got another Jackson Chameleon
but that's another story! :-}

You always get what you practice thinking.

What thoughts are you practicing?

Do you worry?

If you are worried  you you don't have enough money
then what you get is " not enough money! ".

Are you mad because your kids don't do as you say?

Are you upset that they do not appreciate what you
say is good for them?


Then that's what you are getting and they will match you back.

Imagine if next time you were about to worry
or be mad ,   instead you practiced and FELT
great thoughts

For example:
Your kids mess up the house right before company
comes, AGAIN!

So instead of thinking how mad you are at them
when will they learn, yada yada

You think AND FEEL:

How much I appreciate my kids for who they
are and what they teach me!

and practice a fantasy of seeing happy kids
fun company,  a clean room and most of all
you feeling really happy!

Try it.

Then try it with your kids!

You will be amazed at what starts happening
for you and them!


To learn more about Law of Attraction
and getting what you Really Want
head over and get my e-course
R ich Right Now

Worrying is using your imagination to create something
you don't want.

Whatever you're thinking about is literally like planning
a future event. When you're worrying, you are planning.
When you're appreciating you are planning...
What are you planning?

~Abe~ 4/19/97 --Silver Spring, MD



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Copyright © 2003 by Marcy Koltun-Crilley.
All Rights Reserved.
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