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So much has happened in the past month!

Remember I had fessed up about my taxes?

That I had not done them in four years?

If you forgot, you can read that issue here
click this

I was amazed at how many people wrote me
to say they had not done their taxes, too!

I mean, I had scads of accountants tell me that!

My story looked boring!

This is something way more common then I thought!

The great news is what I learned really did work!

Not only did I not go to jail,

And really abundant!

The energy I used to procrastinate was set free!

Yes, procrastination does require alot of energy!

I had to do something with that right?

I got So Abundant I

Increased my income,


Won a Free Trip to San Diego

And the kicker came the other day.

Get This!

I found out I OVERPAID the I.R.S. !

In fact, I may not even have to pay ANY taxes this year!

How is THAT for Abundance?

I gotta thank Teresa,

My Personal Abundance Coach!

Here is a great article by her
Abundance or Scarcity... What's Your Focus?

You can read it on line,  just sign in at my "library"

I won't sell your name to the "spam pushers", I promise!




"A miracle is a shift in perception that removes all
obstacles to the presence of love."
- from "The Course"


If you want to feel rich,
just count all of the things
you have that money can't buy.

     - Anonymous


The tongue weighs practically nothing,
But so few people can hold it.

- Anonymous

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