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I got so many emails from people about my last two issues
of  "The Good Stuff", I have hardly had time to reply to them all.

Since so many were interested in Dolphins and Whales I thought I would
pass this along.

This was sent to me the other night by a friend and business partner
Rich Shipley.

Here's a different kind of Hawaiian music for you. My friend Dan Sythe has
set up hydrophones in the ocean here in the Kihei area of Maui. The whale
and dolphin songs and underwater sounds are being broadcast LIVE on the net
24/7. You can listen right now to this mind boggling chorus.

If at all possible, make a point of listening at night (Hawaii time). There
is MUCH more signing and vocalization at night. Especially right now while
we are close to the full moon.

This is recorded right off the beach where I live!

I tuned in and WOW!

I was on my computer at 1am and listening LIVE to the whales that
are in the ocean outside my window!

In fact, I am listening right now

Here is the direct link
You need realplayer to hear it

If the Mic is not running go listen to the archived sounds.

On another note ( pun intended )

Not only was the response high to " Hot Air"
it brought me several new business partners.

People who had been on my list for some time.

Realize that this article was about:

The Science of Farting!
click here if you missed it

It was not about "how to get rich in your sleep"

Or "Pre-launch less than 24 hours ago. Billion dollar parent company"

It was something I thought was funny and alot of other people did too!

I don't make money from drowing people in advertisements and BS

I make money from having a good time.

Really, who do you know that would not want that?

Who ever they are, don't give them MY name! :-}

Click below for something I wish I had, hysterical!
Some Features you may Need on your Computer

Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bull before.

Manhandling the 'open here' spout on a milk container
so badly that one has to resort to the 'illegal' side.

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Marcy From Maui

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