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The Mind's Eye

Look at the picture above. First concentrate on the four dots in the center for thirty seconds. Then lean your head back and close your eyes. What do you see?

The Mind's Eye

You will be surprised that many people also see what you see - an image of Jesus Christ. The picture shows how our minds, or internal realities, affect the way we perceive the external world. When we initially look at the face, we rely solely on our external senses of vision. The white silhouette and the black blotches spark no immediate recognition. However, when we close our eyes and cut off our visual perceptions, our minds begin to form an interpretation of the external reality. Our recognition of the image as Jesus Christ shows that we have a preconceived idea of Christ in our minds. Anyone with no prior exposure to the image of Christ will, perhaps, see a man with long hair, but not assign the man any name, as those who have mental notions of Christ do. How do our preconceived notions affect what we see and what we don't see? What role do our minds play in the interpretation of reality? How do our minds and bodies work together to provide an accurate picture of truth?

Credits of The Mind's Eye
from Jennifer Cheng, Melissa Miao, and Khai Nguyen.