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We Can Shift the Entire Industry!

By Marcy Koltun-Crilley

I have yet to see a successful network marketer who was not a consistent student of personal growth.

Network marketers “sell the dream.” Some see that as hype, some as offering hope. I believe it is about coaching people to be their personal best.

The majority are lured in by scarcity, the need for money, or by things they don’t want—such as a boss. For many the first phase of personal growth in this business happens when they realize that now they are the boss—who can they blame things on?

Some try to blame events, circumstances, the upline or the company. Others blame themselves. But none of these gets any productive results—and here is where some eye-opening coaching and growth work begin.

Many never move past this phase. Even if they make some money, they do not really experience abundance.

I take delight in the moment people make that shift from external to internal, from scarcity to abundance—from blame to intention and responsibility. From fear, to love.

Suddenly, they really understand the meaning of the famous networking adage, “Your business will only grow as much as you do.” They understand that they—and only they—have designed their lives and have everything they need to paint and live their picture, right this very second! They understand and take responsibility for their life, their results, their intention and their vision.

That's the kind of “work” it takes to enjoy their abundance. It’s like magic. You can literally watch people make the shift. Money starts to flow, they have energy, people suddenly are drawn to them. The world takes notice!

There is nothing like watching people make this shift! It is much bigger then network marketing, it affects their family, their lives and communities. What a wonderful thing to be able to model for their children and grandchildren.

What happens without that shift? When people come in with scarcity and continue to focus on it, they leave with even more. And we’re surprised when we notice that network marketing still has a negative image?

To me, the goal in network marketing is to have every person we meet, whether or not they actually join, whether or not they stay, take away something new and wonderful in their lives because of the experience.

Pursuing that kind of goal can shift the entire industry. The better we become at empowering people to empower themselves, the faster we can create wonderful shifts in the world. Even if we all only teach just two!

What’s personal growth got to do with it? Everything!

MARCY KOLTUN-CRILLEY is a mom and successful networker;
her profile was featured in Networking Times, issue #1.

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