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PowerfulIntentions And The Abraham-Hicks Cruise!

The Powerful Intentions Founders , and some of the Co-founders,
Team, and Members have just returned from the  first
Abraham-Hicks Caribbean Well Being Cruise!

The Powerful Intentions Founders arrive in their suite..

Powerful Intentions Founders, Bob OConner, Marcy From Maui, and Chris Tinney

And have a founders meeting right away.

After all this is Business!

A vote was taken and it was agreed by all, that my armpits smell like roses,
so now we could get on with other things!

Such as,

Marcy From Maui uses her business head on The Abraham-Hicks Cruise

The best way to both have fun and use our business heads!

We arrived at the Private Island of Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas

Half Moon Cay Bahamas

That's our boat in the background!

And here was what me, Bob O and Julie Coombs  found under the water!


We avoid stepping on stingray  barbs and meet up with Chris, Graz and Ann on the big beach.

halfmoon cay

Julie Coombs and I ( Marcy From Maui ) decide we need to do a bit more allowing and so we decide to float!

Than we decided to float our corks even higher, so we haul our floats onto another float!

Marcy From Maui Diamond Jul

Now that is what I call some major Allowing and letting our corks float!

Every night at our dinner table we started off  together

Powerful Intentions Dinner crowd Abe cruise

That's Graz in pink, than me, Ann, PI co-founders  Barbara and DiamondJul,  Chris, Christine and Bob O.

But than we all switched chairs and tables and mingled with all the other Abraham-Hicks  people.
Like here with PI member Sara Cox!


We  Did several  Group Suite showings of The Secret

That means we piled about 20 to 30 people into a suite and showed
The Powerful Intentions Preview Copy on the VCR!

Here is one side of the suit

The Secret Abraham-Hicks Showing

And here is the other side, a rather cozy crowd!
Plus some in the middle!

The Secret Abraham-Hicks showing2


We did a showing in a "movie Room, on a big screen where about 80 plus people got up at 8 am
to see it!

The reactions were the same at all the showings!

Goose bumps, excitement and a big desire to share The Secret with everyone!

Everyone really senses some major global allowing going on!

We had an amazing time during the actual Abraham-Hicks workshops on board
and Esther And Jerry invited us all to a special cocktail party!

Esther Hicks and Graz

While forced to be business like and  get dressed up for dinner

Chris, Marcy, Bob Graz

We mostly did our intending in a casual yet deliberate way!

Marcy and Julie

What Julie, Ann and Graz were intending, I am still not sure!

I was just having fun with napkins!

marcy from maui

ann and graz

The Islands were awesome

St Thomas

And way to soon , it came an end!

Having fun is what lets in everything we desire!

And I  gotta say, that when you know your business is to have FUN, life is always good!!!

EN-JOYOUS Anticipation,

Marcy From Maui
CFAO Chief Fun & Abundance Officer
The Community for People with Powerful Intentions

On behalf of The Powerful Intentions Team