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My Lead Program and Affiate Links and Instructions

This page is for anyone who wants to use any
of my affiliate programs which are all tools
I use for building my business.

AND For My Personally Enrolled members in QuickPros.

Most also pay commissions which not only cover their costs,
in cases they are a huge multiple income streams.

Their additions are meant to create LESS work ,
more effectiveness and More income.


My Program Links and instructions

Prostep is the best in my opinion and my focus is on Prostep,
as they also have the most stability, experience and can handle
the growth.

My Main Lead Company is PROSTEP.
I have been with the company 6 years and do
Master Trainings for them. I am one of the Top
Distributors, which  means I ALOT of experience in
the company and with the lead business as well.

I strongly reccomend all my personal partners
and anyone else for that matter,
to join that as Premeir, first, before they do
join any other lead source , as I have always done!!!!!

Please call me with any Questions
before you join  if we have not spoken.

These  all have comp plans


My Prostep link is

Put 12844 for Enroller AND Sponsor



This is my Profitleads site


Leaders Club

My Leaders Club site .


Load-Your-Wallet ( or LYW for short )

My LYW  members page is at:

My ID is 4117


These are all affiliate Programs with Complans

NOTE : I use AWEBER for my ezines,  and have used it for 5 years.

This company does NOT sell Leads, which is IMPORTANT
for your sake! They are not as versatile as the other in some respects
and way better in others.
And I really like them!

They have a neat feature I have not seen anywhere else.

Important if you want people to actually GET your Messages!

A Spam Analyzer with a scoring system  that lets you know
if your messages will be filtered and lets you make changes before
you send them!



My BambooBiz link


Infogenerator Pro

My infogenerator Pro autoresponder


No money and when you "  get 3 your next year or month is free"


The first link is For People in My Business only

You get a Special Deal with this link
$100 of the annual cost !
A very special deal for people on my team ONLY
and their new members only.

If you are not in one of my companies you
MUST use my regular Link below

If you Cheat, TGN will catch you and spank you !


Prostep instructions to sign up on line
For US members only

Non US members must print up the Fax at the site
fill out and Fax in.
To sign up on line, click on the top left area
where it says " Join ProSTEP "

My ID is 12844
you will have to print up one page of  the application and then fax
it in, sign all the spots.

Be sure to get " Leads on the Net"




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