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You have most likely gone through some information about Retire Quickly
This next step will help you and I decide if we should go further.
If you can honestly answer yes to these questions, I feel you
will be pretty well qualified to do this business with the same
success we have been having and I would want to get to know you
personally by phone.
Oh, by the way , before you fill out this questionnaire you
should know in advance that answers like:
"Well, who wouldn't?"
"Well, who wouldn't, what's the catch!"
"Well Duh!"
will be taken as a "Yes".
Answers like:
"I can't stand that stuff!"
"I am outta here"
or any attempt to try to fill in with a word or phrase that
would make a sailor blush, will be taken as a "no".
Remember this actually is an amazing and lucrative business
opportunity. We want to work with people that will treat it like the
multimillion dollar business it is. AND, it's a drag to be rich and
dull! We love to have fun, and we also want to work with fun loving
people, because frankly, why work with someone you don't like, right?
    Fair enough? Here we go.
1) If there were a way to earn an unlimited income by enhancing
the quality of people lives, would you be attracted to such an idea?

a) Yes! Of Course!
b) Nope
c) Only if I don't have to move off the coach
d) I have no idea.
2) If you were able to literally enhance the quality of peoples
lives in such a way that some of those people were able to not only
get of of debt, but also be able to retire in in 4 to 6 years, would
you consider this a rewarding way of earning an income?
a) Well, who
b)Well, who wouldn't. What's the catch?
c) I can't stand that kind of stuff!
3) If your monthly income increased every time you helped some
learn how to access their abundance, understood Financial Serenity,
and helped them earn money themselves, would you be interested in
helping allot of people?
a) Well Duh!
b) Well, who wouldn't?
c) Well, who wouldn't, what's the catch!
d) I can't stand that stuff!
4) Are you interested in learning how to create reproductive
multiple income streams that grow at the service of others?
a) I have no idea what you are talking about, but I am game!
b) If income can reproduce, please, spill your guts!
c) Yeah, right, I have heard this mumbo jumbo before and I am outta here
d) I can't stand that stuff!
5) Are you willing to go through a fact finding process to get
the many questions you must have by now, answered? That means a phone
conversation to see if we want to work together, and what we expect
of each other?
a) I have been doing it so far, might as well keep
b) Yes
c) Will ya get to the point already!
d) I am already bored and I think I will go play lotto or something
 OK , we are done with the Yes', No's, and "stick it out your ear"
type answers.
    Let's move foward.
6) How many hours are you currently able to put into a business
assuming you knew it was what you really wanted?
a) 5-10
b) 10-15
c) 15-20 d) 20 plus e) Full time
7) How many hours would you like to eventually put into the
a) 5-10
b) 10-15
c) 15-20
d) 20 plus
e) Full time
8) How much experience do you have with the internet?
a) Zippo
b) A little bit
c) average
d) I am a wizard
9) Do you have previous networkmarketing experience
a) Is this a pyramid deal ?
b) You bet!
c) What's networkmarketing?
d) That stuff does not work
10) are you currently in any other companies? a) Yes b) No c) Not
right now
11) How much would you like to earn in this business per month
a) $300
b) $500
c) $1,000
d) $10,000
c) $20,000 plus
12) How much money are you willing to extract from your wallet to
invest in an on-line business assuming you found a great company ?
a) I want it for Free
b) $50 to $100
c) $100 to $500
c) $500 to $1000
d) No one will never pry my credit card out of my fist
e) Whatever it takes
12 ) Have you or do you want to work with leads People who you do
not know but have expressed an interest in earning income from home?
a) If my friends and family say " No" then I am outta here
b) Sounds interesting
c) Great, cause I have no more friends left!
d) I know lot's of people already
e) Already use leads thanks!
Thanks and Congradulations for taking the time to invest a few
minutes in your future. If we mutually agree this for you, you will
be mentored and trained by the best people in the industry for free.
By taking these few minutes to investigate , I can promise you
that you will have the ability to make a profound difference in at
least one person's life.
If you qualify and the desicion is made to join us, you can
choose to simply earn an extra $500 a month or participate in
changing the quality of your ownlife life and perhaps for many other
people while creating the lifestyle you have aways dreamed of.
Please fill in the following so we can contact you if you

Time Zone
Email Address
Full Phone Number with area or country code
Best Time To Call
Current Occupation
Business Owner?

Network marketing experience?

What Company (s)
How much would you like to be making a month in this business in
one years time?
Not what you think you can earn, BUT what you Want to earn.
If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do tomorrow that
you've always wanted to do...?

 Comments or questions? :

 Thank you, I or a partner will email you first, then call you.
The call is so we can get to know each other NOT a sales call. I look
foward to speaking to you !