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Oct 17- Oct 30, 2002





Mystic enthralls
Kihei audience

Tilak speaks to a large crowd at the Kihei Community Center, appears on TV and motivates hundreds as Maui experiences a rare treat.
“An incredible show.”

Joseph Sugarman

When Tilak, the mystic from Sri Lanka visited Maui for the first time last week, Maui was in store for a pleasant surprise.

Speaking before a crowd, estimated at close to 300 at the Kihei Community Center, Tilak entertained a rapt audience with his incredible skills and great sense of humor.

“I love this man so much,” said Karen Stover of Maui Meadows. “I have traveled all over the world and met many, many of the world’s great mystics but this man is the greatest. I have met nobody that compares to him.”

Airielle Pearson was at Tilak’s talk and experienced him in a more intimate setting as she interviewed him for her TV show in her Maui Meadows home. “I had a most incredible experience. He’s really wonderful. I’ve been smiling for days.”

Not everybody enjoyed Tilak. Chris Medwed of Kihei wasn’t impressed. “I could have given the same lecture he gave. There was nothing new.” But in the 20 people interviewed for this story, Med-wed’s was the only comment that wasn’t positive.

Bruce Travis of Wailea had a different perspective of Tilak.

“I had noticeable changes. At the Kihei meeting I was really impressed with just the person he was and the sense of peace and calmness that he projects.

“He was a real person, the real thing. You didn’t sense that he was in that master/student ego trip. He was really equal with you. That was really important to me,” Travis said.





“The next time he comes through he will have a lot of people at his next talk,” said Stover. “I’m already passing the word and telling everybody. In his presence I experienced the light, which was absolutely amazing.”

“I had a personal session with him and I experienced brilliant flashing color lights,” said Pearson. “Multi-dimensional colors and I opened my eyes and he was breathing on me and I saw this shower of cosmic light that was coming down on me. I felt so good afterwards.”

“He blew on my head,” said Travis, who heads his own real estate firm. “I could see an incredible light show. I have never experienced directly anything this profound before.”

“Afterwards I felt high,” claims Travis. “I felt really elated, a tremendous sense of well being. A heightened sense of peace. Extremely elated. I was so moved by that experience, I had to call my wife and I told her to just get down here. I told her that I had just experienced something that she had to experience.

“There are some definite improvements in my relationship with my wife. I really believe that whatever he’s done, he has strengthened my whole being.”

“I thought that he was incredible,” said Elyse Travis. “Before I saw him, I was in a bad mood. My husband (Bruce Travis) called me and I really didn’t want to go. I really wasn’t into it.”

But Elyse Travis went to see Tilak anyway. “I didn’t really know what he was about. I laid down and suddenly tears were welling up in my eyes. It was just an incredible feeling. The light was so pure and so incredible that it couldn’t be anything but the pure light he was bringing forth,” said the Wailea resident.

“I felt so different,” she said. “I felt totally different as if I was opened up and that I had all this blockage released. That evening all I wanted to do was read his book, which I thought was absolutely incredible as it was so mind altering. I thought it threw everything out that I’ve ever believed. I’m still in a state of disbelief.”

Tilak enjoyed Maui. “The people here are very special,” said the Sri Lanken mystic. “I look forward to coming back.”

Tilak is planning to return to Maui for a Dec. 10 presentation at the Kihei Community Center. Watch for an announcement in the Maui Weekly. n



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